Can implantation bleeding be heavy?
by lisalisa64, Jan 05, 2008
I'm 43 and TTC (first baby) - this morning i had what i thought might be implantation bleeding (pinkish or brown as it's always described, but then red appeared, more like a regular period, but still lighter than than regular flow. Still able to get by on just panty liners at the moment.  All other signs (ovulation timing, tiredness,etc.) seem to point to pregnancy.  Was wondering if heavier implantation bleeding could be common when you're over 40?  Thanks for any input.
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by Lastminutemama, Jan 06, 2008
Hi, Last wednesday I also had a light bleeding. It was just one drop and that was it! According to my scedule it's very likely it was an implantation bleeding (9th dpo) and it wasn't pinkish or brown as they describe, but red.
Implantation bleedings are rare, not every woman experience this. With my last pregnancy I didn't either so I have nothing to compare and I cannot tell you if implantations get heavier over 40. I hope for us we are pregnant indeed! Take care!
by melimeli, Jan 06, 2008
I only have had implantation bleed with my first daughter.. I have had 4 pg..  it was a big gush of red blood.  I could feel it as a was walking and thought oh oh...  after that day there was nothing I thought it was af and then didnĀ“t even know I was pguntil 4 months when I went in... I had gotten off the pill and just thought it messed up my cycle.  when I described the gush they had me go in for an ultrasound to see if I had passed part of the baby but everything was great she is now 11
by lawanb33, Jan 06, 2008
I'm 43 ,when with my last pregnancy I had implantation bleeding for 4 days when I thought it was light period but. I never had implanting bleeding before only this last one but sadly I loss it at 8 wks. Not sure if the age is factor. Best wishes to you.
by peachsnapple, Jan 06, 2008
I'm 38.  My implantation bleeding was medium flow with this pregnancy, especiallly the first and 3rd day.  I spotted lightly for 10 days total in a 2 week period, approximately 7-9 days after ovulation (couldn't pinpoint the exact day of ovulation).  RE mentioned possibility of early chemical pregnancy.  I am now starting 2nd trimester.  I think implantation bleeding presents differently in everyone and can vary between pregnancies (I had no bleeding in first pregnancy, just last year).  I don't know if bleeding gets heavier over 40.
by AshleysMom, Jan 07, 2008
I've had implantation bleeding with four pregnancies.  With one, it seemed like my period was about to start with trace amounts of brownish blood - actually, it was kind of like sludge (sorry TMI) - for a few days.  The next two, there was just a TINY bit of the sludge for just one day, one incident.  I don't think I would have noticed it had I not been wearing a panty liner.  With this preg, I got a good wipe of red blood on the toilet paper at around 12dpo, after I had a BFP.  I'm not sure that one was implatation bleeding.

When will you test?  Good luck.
by lisalisa64, Jan 07, 2008
Thanks for your comments...I took the hpt this morning - negative - but I think it's too early  to pick up. Still, it was a lighter period than usual.  I've read on other boards that the implantation bleeding can vary from one spot, to being similar to a regular period, which is encouraging...  Hm...
by babyblue20, Jan 08, 2008
I'm 37 pregnant with baby #4. I never had implantation bleeding until this pregnancy. For me it was only a light pink spotting  for about a week. Then menstrual like cramps up until now and I'm 5 weeks preg. You may have taken the hpt too early. I took mine a week after the implantation spotting and got a BFP.

Good Luck!!  
by benetta, Mar 16, 2008
Hi, I've just turned 40.  I am just coming to the end of the 2 week wait.  My period should have come 2 days ago- and is generally like clock work.  I did spot this morning with a couple of light red/pink spots.  And usually when I get my period, I get it full on!  This afternoon the bleeding is a little heavier and more like "period like"- darker blood -with some ...clumps (sorry TMI).  But it is still a much lighter flow than is normal for me.  I also have cramping- like menstruation cramps except much lower & lower back pain as well. (cramps are a normal period thing for me but the back pain is not).  I would simply accept that  that I'm not pregnant and have gotten my period,  but the flow is so much lighter (less in quantity) than my normal period!  It sounds as if it's too much blood to be implantation bleeding????   Has anyone have any implantation bleeding experiences that almost mimicked a period with a pregnancy?
by rainbowpixie, Nov 04, 2008
im 21 and me and my girlfriend are trying to get pregnant.ive been tracking my cycle for months now and i know for a fact i had sex 2 days b4 ovulation i was 4 days late on my cycle but this morning i woke up nothing in pantyliner but when i wipped i had what appeared to be brownish red discarge  kinda light lighter than a normal period i havent really gotten severe cramps in my abdomin but in my very lower back i have gotten severe almost crippling pains does anyone think it could be implantation bleeping? i have not taken any tests yet