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High FSH Levels and Wheat Grass Pills
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High FSH Levels and Wheat Grass Pills


Just had another high FSH reading and been told chances of getting pregnant very limited and IUI or IVF will not be a likliehood. Can anyone tell me about benefits of Wheat Grass Pills and how many I should take on a daily basis, any other helpful hints would be greatly appreciated..thanks !!!!!
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Do you mind me asking what # they told you for FSH?  I don't know anything about wheat grass but, have been reading great things about DHEA. Mine is a 7, but I think I may start taking DHEA any way.
Dear gyptian,
Please visit this site.  
I don't know how it will effect your FSH level. But, I do know how miraculous drinking fresh wheatgrass juice is first hand. I have tried the pills and to me, there is no comparison. It isn't even in the same ball park. I suppose something is better than nothing, though.
I am soon to be 40 and am 6 weeks pregnant after being off of the pill for about 6 months. Feb 16 was my first "normal" period after ceasing the pill and voila! I am pregnant. I was suspicious that my body was trying to go into menopause and that the pill was just forcing me to have a pitiful little nothing of a period. I never had any blood work done concerning this, so I have nothing to compare with you.

Back to the wheatgrass juice.  At 38, I had arthritis so bad that I believed my life was over. I gave up eating night shade plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, green peppers and paprika. That wasn't quite enough. I read an article in the October 2006 issue of Discover magazine called "DNA is not Destiny". It told of experiments at Duke University where genetically fat, yellow Agouti rats that were genetically prone to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. were fed diets high in methyl donor foods such as onions, garlic and beets prior to conception and during pregnancy. The off-spring were born slender, brown and disease resistant. Those genetic changes carried on through 40 generations by the time the article was written. I decided to experiment upon myself when I discovered a new Whole Foods market had openned nearby.

Every morning for 8 months I was the first customer to the juice bar. I would get a 16oz veggie juice. Then I discovered the fresh 1 oz shots drinks of wheatgrass juice. This must be taken on an empty stomach to help avoid the initial detox nausea that some people experience the first time or two. In a few weeks I had gone from not being able to get comfortable in any position to being able to move pain free without so much as a tylenol. All of my foot pain was gone. I could sit in a chair for hours. I could finally sleep through the night. My friends and co workers were amazed.

One of my co-workers had and 11 year old daughter who had been diagnosed with anemia. I told her that the difference between the hemin in hemoglobin and wheatgrass juice is that there is an iron molecule at the center of the hemin and there is a magnesium molecule at the center of the wheat grass chemical structure. (This comes from a book called "Wheatgrass") It is said that in five days it can conquer anemia. She had her daughter take a sip of fresh wheatgrass juice everyday for a week and took her back for blood tests. NO MORE ANEMIA! Incidentally, my friend drank the rest of each ounce of wheatgrass juice that her daughter didn't drink that week and she, too, felt an increase in energy.

Try the fresh wheatgrass juice instead of the pills. It tastes sweet and green. Chase it with an orange wedge to cover the taste if you don't like it. But do it everyday for a while. After those 8 months, I didn't need to do it but once a month. Other problems I had also disappeared, but I won't get into those now. This is my experience. Perhaps it will help you with your problem. It is worth a shot. Fresh wheatgrass juice has anti-cancer/tumor properties and is super high in antioxidants.
Regarding wheat grass and your high FSH,
In January, at 43 years old, I went to a fertility clinic to find out about treatments. My FSH was 24 and I was told that they would not even consider me for IUI or IVF unless I got my number down below 15.
I started acupuncture and my acupuncturist told me to start eating (for blood nourishment) meat, raspberries,srawberries, blueberries and beets. For Kidney nourishment, walnuts/almonds,seeds (sesame etc. /humus), seaweed salad,eggs and caviar.
Enrich the blood and have healthy SEEDS and EGGS...think about it!
In addition she had me cut out ALL dairy and caffeine.

She asked me to drink a shot of FRESH wheat grass at least every other day.
I looked up the original uses for wheat grass and it was used by farmers to improve the egg quality in chickens and the fertility in livestock. Wierd I know, but whatever works.
Two weeks later my FSH was 4.6!!
My estrodial number was 173, way too high and my doctor explained that it was a seasaw and that that number should be below 65.
The following month My FSH was 9.89 and my estrodial was 49!
I had a hysteroscopy and after another month of good numbers I finally started an IVF cycle. Only one of my eggs was healthy enough to become an embryo and transfer but I will be 44 next week and I do believe that without my acupuncturist  and her nutritional advise I would not have improved my chances.
Now I wait to see if I'm pregnant. I'm so happy that I was at least given a chance. The whole experience made me feel as though at least I could be pro-active in my situation.

I'd strongly recommend you (and everyone! ) drink wheatgrass juice and look into fresh homemade vegetable juices if you have the time or if nor buy it when you can. Changing our diet this last year has changed our lives and I could talk forever about it but I won't bore you with too many  details! LOL My family thinks I'm a little nutty about some of the changes we've made here this last year.... We went from eating too much take-out because I used to work shift work and when we cooked we cooked typical meals, but now we're juicing, dehydrating, buying organic, avoiding dairy for the most part, making our own sprouts, eating mostly raw living foods and researching like crazy!  The changes it's made to my family have been quite remarkable. For the first time since I was 13 my iron levels aren't low, two of us who were overweight have lost between them a combined 70 pounds, my DB was terribly ill with a stomache ailment not unlike Crohns for years. He's well now and still amazed by it. I'll never, ever, go back to living and eating the way I used to.
Drink that wheatgrass! and good luck to you! :)
I am a 47 year old woman who refuses to believe that my FSH is too high to produce my own eggs. I have been a "HEALTH NUT" a; my life.
I weigh 128 lbs
My blood pressure was 115/70
I work out three to four times a week (including weight training)
I drink nothing but water
I bag all my meals and snacks (veg, nuts, salads)
I attend 1 yoga and 1 Zumba class weekly.  
Now I want to have a baby after accomplishing all the goals on my list.  
I am ready to have a family and my doctor is saying "It's not going to happen".  I was blown away!!! my fsh is too high.  Is it REALLY too late?  Please help.  
I am 34 year old and I had miscarriage often and last time recently May as I lost my 6th th time through 9 years. So now I decied how to keep my heathly diet. My mind and body was good heathly etc since trying to get pregnacy.  I do have low Iron blood .  I was looking to find how to eat lot nutirtions foods and vitamins etc. Last month of June as starting that I took  pills with fish oil  made with Cod Liver and also wheatgrass to drink mix with my favoriate blueberries smoothies.  I took both pill and drink daily. Then this month of July as 1 month later.  I was found out I was pregnancy again. I was surprised that not unexpect too fast. I thought I would pregnacy again later in another few year for trying again. I guess that it would be helpful form this wheatgrass drink and cod liver pill. It was both working together into my body heathly.  So now I am keeping my faith my baby now is still on growing and  no more risk miscarriage again. I am still drinking wheatgrass and love it so much!

Thanks.. from WInnipeg, MB
It is not impossible for you to conceive, although very unlikely.  I have one friend who conceived a healthy baby at age 48.  I also have two other friends in their mid-forties who are pregnant.
Good luck to you.  I would find an RE who will help you.  I am 39 and in excellent health and look much younger, too, but tests don't lie.  My RE said he has 26 yr olds in full menopause, so it does not matter how great you look externally.  Even though I am in excellent health and eat an extremely healthy balanced diet, my AMH level is low and my antral follicle count is not ideal.  Your ovaries don't care how old you are or how great you look.
Don't waste any time getting help and finding someone who will work with you.
Best wishes.
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