Implantation at 9 dpo
by Phoebebaby, May 30, 2010
I am 9 dpo and since about four months ago my 28 day cycle turned 30 to 31 days. I am due for AF (period) on this thursday-today is sunday. Today I woke up and took my temp. It spiked up to notches. Before bathing I went to check my cervix which was completely out of reach and found blood instead. Not heavy but definitely red. I put on a pad but it's been a couple hours and not drenched. The first day of my AF is ALWAYS heavy without question and with a lot of cramps. I have nothing but that blood. NO pain.

I'm confused because I am 9 dpo and it's way too early to start my AF. I'm hoping it's IB. Has anyone else had red IB this early and had a BFP? I only want those who have either had red bleeding (not heavy or heavy) or known of someone who had this to answer. I say this because people will post they don't know. I want people that DO know. Thank you.
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by Super_sally888, May 30, 2010

9 DPO is right about when implantation should be happening.  Bleeding occurs in some.

Early days yet, but reckon you should take a pregnancy test (sensitive one) in about 3 days.

Best wishes
by chinesebones, May 31, 2010
I had one episode of red spotting with my last two pregnancies.  One was at 9 dpo, one at 8.  The first time lasted longer than the second, which was only once when I wiped.  I was taking low dose aspirin which may have contributed to the bleeding?  
Your timing is right- fingers crossed!  BTW I got a BFP two mornings later with a very sensitive test, but I almost needed superhero vision to see it ;-)
by Phoebebaby, May 31, 2010
Thanks ladies.

Chinesebones, I have been taking low dose aspirin also. I wondered if that had anything to do with it. This is my first month using that.

I never have mid cycle bleeding like that unless it's tiny spotting the night before my period. Well my fingers are crossed.

I actually didn't even try to conceive this month. I was so worn out from the past months from hoping. I was giving my brain a break this month so to speak.  

By the tme last night came it had turned brown and then stopped. Today nothing just residual when I wipe and I'm sure when I get out of the bathtub that will be gone too. Wow I'm trying not to be excited but it's hard not to you know?  Thanks again.