Pregnant at 43, need advice on some symptoms
by Zoe2B, Sep 17, 2007
Hi all. I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant (my first time) and am 43. Here's a little history.... I was told that I would never be able to have my own baby after getting back really high FSH levels. This doc said IVF with an egg donor would be my only option. Saw another specialist who was more hopeful, but still was told the odds of using my own eggs were against me because of my age. I started acupunture and herb supplemtents, positive affirmation CDs, and tried relaxing! 4 months later, I became pregnant. We are so happy! But it's scary too because on my first trip to the OBGYN all he did was tell me all the risks and the terrible things that can happen, with nothing positive to balance that info out. I've beaten the odds so far, and I have to remember that!

I have a couple things going on that I'm wondering if others have experienced. Night sweats started a couple nights ago - it's not terrible, but it's noticable. I also started feeling this sort twinge in my lower abdomen, on the left side, just above and to the left of the pubic area. Someone else described it as a "stitch", like you used to get in gym class. Good description!  It's not super painful or anything, but it's new, so I am curious about it. It comes and goes. The other question is about breast tenderness. Mine were REALLY sore after conception for about 2 weeks straight, and seem to be less sore now. So of course I'm worried because I want as many standard symptoms as I can get so I can feel like this pregnancy is going to be successful! I would have thought that my breasts would become MORE sore as time goes on, and not less sore.
Any input would be so appreciated!!!
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by pcarsey, Sep 17, 2007
Hi Wendy,
CONGRATS!!! I would switch doctors ASAP! You need a doctor that makes you feel at ease not walk on pins and needles just because of your age! Someone who will support you in being a first time mommy! There is no age limit on being a first time mom! I think it's absolutely incredible that you conceived without any meds!

I have a 17 yr old DD and a 10 yr old DS and I am currently pregnant, just found out last week, although the doctor isn't sure how far I am. But I too have night sweats and that can be annoying!! I think it has something to do with your basal body temp being somewhat higher during pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about it. I sleep with a fan on *hubby freezes his butt off and I just tell him to get another blanket*. The twitch could be many things but I would guess it is from your uterus making room for your little bean! As long as it isn't a burning or very painful twitch then I would think you are fine. As far as the breast thing, mine hurt every so often, sometimes it's like they are full to the gill and then they don't have a pain one. I think it's just the ups and downs of hormones. Have you had your progesterone checked? I have heard the higher the progesterone the more full the b00bies are. Although, my progesterone level is 32.8 and mine isn't painful. They are however noticeably bigger.
That is all the info I can give you, I hope it helps! Congrats again and a Happy Healthy Nine Months to you!!!
by Zoe2B, Sep 17, 2007
Thanks SO much for your post! This is so great, having a place to go to, to receive and give support. Congrats to you on your pregnancy! I'm very happy to hear that you are going through some of the same things as me. Whew! I haven't had my progesterone checked. I see the fertility specialist for our 6 week sonogram to check the embryo's "viability". I don't like the sound of that!  I don't know what else they will do on that appt (on 9/26), maybe he'll check my progesterone levels.  This is all so new to me. I feel very naive. He will continue to see me through the 10-12th week, and then I'll have to go to an OBGYN from there on out. I am definately looking into other OBGYN's! Maybe a woman will be more compassionate and positive. In any case, I'm on a mission now to find someone else. Thanks again for your info! :o)
by 40smama, Sep 17, 2007
Wendy, I'm almost 8 weeks pg and am 44 although this isn't my 1st pregnancy.  Anyway, my symptoms like nausea and fatigue really didn't kick in until last week.  I did have the sore boobs although it kind of came and went.  I'm glad that you're switching to another dr who will be more upbeat about pregnancy in the 40s.  I know that there are lots of scary stats out there, but there are tons of success stories as well.  Hope this helps and good luck to you!
by shesherm, Sep 17, 2007
Wendy, Congratulation!  Yeah you may wanna swithc DR's you really want someone in your corner being positive.  my BB's never really got that sore.  The pain is normal as long as there is no bleeding.  try to relax and enjoy the ride.  happy and healthy pregnancy
by stacyb321, Sep 17, 2007
Im 43 and want another baby - can you tell me what risks your doctor told you?  thank you - and congratulations on your pregnancy.

by Zoe2B, Sep 17, 2007
The risks he warned me about were the down syndrome stats, chromosomal abnormalitites, and various pregnancy complications he said that come with my 'advanced age'. I think those are "standard" complications, but they increase with age. Since this pregnancy has already beaten the odds, I don't want to all of a sudden go into a mental state based on fear, which is what that visit did for me. Luckily, surrounded by love, support, and the strength and experience of others, I'm moving back into my positive and hopeful state. Thanks for your congrats, and good luck to you! Follow your heart. Remember, I got pregnant after being told it was IMPOSSIBLE. :o)
by Zoe2B, Sep 17, 2007
Thanks SO much for your posts and support. You are all very special women, and I am so glad to have found you. :o)
by hot stuff, Sep 17, 2007
I'm 40 and my tubes clamped 14 years ago, start my last period early and only went 2 and half days my breats are really sore and I have had some nausea not a lot what are the chances of being pregant? I'm scared to test?
by pcarsey, Sep 18, 2007
You should probably test, I'm not sure what the chances are. Maybe the clamps gave way and you are pregnant. You could also just have something else going on. Maybe pre- menopausal symptoms. You aren't too young for that you know. My friend is 26 and went through it 2 years ago. It started out with her being late and nausea was strong. The next month no period at all. Now she has nothing.. no periods, no more hot flashes, no more anything. So.. test.. if it comes back negative then go see a doctor. I don't want to scare you or anything. Just telling you it is possible.