Weekly Doctor Visit Questions - 38 wks preg
by riley10, Apr 27, 2010
So I am 38 weeks pregnant and the past 2 weeks the doctor has checked to see how dilated I was.  At 36 weeks-nothing and last week at 37 wks I was at a 1.  I go back this Friday for the next check.  My question for ladies who have been through this as this is my first time - are these cervical checks suppose to be painful?  I want to pull out all my hair while the doctor is doing his check.  I pray I have this child before my appt on Friday.  Another thing I've noticed is that it is getting very difficult to walk especially walking downstairs.  Does this mean the baby has dropped and is right down there?  Any insight would be appreciated.
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by rdh1981, Apr 27, 2010
My OB (high-risk) would only check me right at the very end in fear of "disturbing something" and God yes did it hurt! I would curl up in pain afterwards!

As for the pain when walking I too had that at the end. I know this gross but the best way I can explain it is like the feeling of having a very full super tampon stuck up there! (sorry tmi)

Good luck you are at the final stretch!
by KarenDiane, Apr 27, 2010
My midwives did a cervical check every week from 36 on, but it was never painful.
by Helen72Blank, Apr 27, 2010
Those check ups were really painful for me.  At least you get some info out of them  :)
by words2inspire, Apr 27, 2010
I think when it hurts, they're indirectly stretching it..  what I mean is that they aren't necessarily trying to open you up, but a little prodding might encourage it to dilate a bit more. In my last pregnancy, they didn't check me until I was 38 weeks and at that point I was 2" dilated, 50% effaced.

If the baby feels like it's about to fall out every time you walk, then yes..  it dropped..  but even with dilation and effacement, who knows if you'll go soon or not. I've never been so lucky :)  

Just think, you are so close to being done.. hang in there.. these last couple of weeks are so important to the lungs and final details..  the longer you can wait, the better..

good luck!
by blueeyedtabbycat, Apr 28, 2010
In my opinion the reason why it can hurt is the location of your cervix. If it is far back and hard to reach it will feel like the doctor is just digging in it can hurt very much. Also, your doctor may have short stubby fingers making it harder for he/or she to reach even if it is close up. I know I have had cevix checks that hurt like the dickins and ones I didnt even feel:~)
by EcologicBlank, Apr 28, 2010
My 1st cervix check at week 36 was extremely painful, the ob-gyn also did the Strep B test this day and I was in a lot of pain with the speculum - not sure why. The next 2 times I took some acetominophen right before the cervix exam and was OK. I am 37/38 weeks and I am now dilated 0.5 cm.

Monday she told me my baby had dropped though I do not really feel him... but I do spend even more time in the bathroom now!
by Ladybugbc, Apr 28, 2010
My cervical checks were done from wk 37. But they never hurt during or after.
This is my first pregnancy as well.
by pertykitty, Apr 28, 2010
i never understood why they check in the first place.  it doesnt do more than tell you "yep it can be days or weeks" lol.  id skip the check if it were me.

i have yet to get to that point with my pg's they come early lol.  with this one, i have an u/s every 6 weeks with the perinatologist and they can see my cervix from the abdomen.  i will stick with that, nothing can tell when labor is coming.  i had had friends that walked around for a month dialated to a 4, didnt do any good in my opinion other than offer bacteria in a place you dont want it.

by EcologicBlank, Apr 28, 2010
My ob-gyn always asks me if I want to have my cervix checked - no obligation! I always say yes because I am curious.