artificial insemination vs tubal reversal
by iammee, Apr 24, 2012
I have been married for 21 years and i have 3 beautiful kids (18.16,13) i got my tubes tied when i was 21. my kids aren't kids anymore i got my tubes tied very young due to my mother now me and my husband want a baby. Which would be better for me to do to get pregnant fast and low of cost? Artificial insemination or tubal reversal?
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by MZReD226, Apr 24, 2012
I'll say get a TR it works better trying on your own. We went through IVF had m/c tried two more times no luck. I had mine tied for twenty years had a reversal also had fibroids and dr removed them. I got pregnant 9 mon. after with clomid I had m/c had. I now have a fibroid in my uterus and have one tube and we are now pregnant at 44 yrs old.  

Good Luck to what ever you choose!!!
by AnnieBrooke, Apr 24, 2012
If your tubes are tied, artificial insemination will not do anything to get you pregnant.  All it does is put sperm into your vagina or at the entrance of your uterus, it does not make an egg come out into the uterus through the tube or anything.  Tubal reconstruction is one choice, I've heard it costs a few thousand dollars (someone once said between $6,000 and 8,000) and is not covered by health insurance.  It can cause further scarring, increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, but it has worked for some women and it is much cheaper than IVF.  IVF is in-vitro fertilization, and it bypasses the tubes, with better odds than tubal reconstruction but a much higher price tag ($18,000 to $24,000 is the range I've heard, and more if you use a donor egg).  It is also rarely covered by health insurance.
by Azwoman, Apr 24, 2012
Yep,, I was wondering why the first responder didnt understand that you must have open tubes for an IUI (artificial insemination) or the natural way to work. If you opt for a reversal, make sure you go to a specialist that does these alot and will not leave you more scarred up,, I know my RE here in AZ does alot of successful tubal reversals. IVF bypasses that all together but is pricey and if you are of 'advanced maternal age' you risk having difficulty getting pregnant- it has not been an easy journey for alot of us. Not sure how old you are but I would get your FSH and other levels tested first and see a fertility specialist and see what he recommends. Good luck!
by Godisfaithful, Apr 25, 2012
My husband is retired military & our health insurance covered my tubal reversal. I have read several past comments from the other women on this site that have gotten pregnant after their reversal. And they are over 40. Be blessed.
by MZReD226, Apr 26, 2012
I never had an IUI done!!!