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I don't know where to post this question! I am 44 years old. I have always been pretty regular. Cycles between 28 & 30 days. I amNOT on any type of BC becuz hubby & I have always wanted a baby. We tried for years. Went so far as injectibles but couldn't afford IUI or IVF. I got pg on Dec 31st 1999 only 5 months after hubby & I got together. We were not actively trying but we weren't avoiding either. Honestly, I didn't think that I could ever become pg becuz I was married before for 13 years & never any BC & no pg. Anyway, I lost my baby at 12 weeks on March 7th 2000 Never became pg again as far as I know.

So, I've always had typical cycles until about a year ago. I had a cy last 42 days with no explanation but for the most part, after that cy's have been regular except from time to time I would have a cy last a bit longer. Instead of 30 days, some would last 34, 38 etc. I had my hormones checked because I thought maybe peri-menopause but hormones came back normal. Dr said I was nowhere near menopause.

Last Oct I had a cy last 24 days!! I was shocked as this has never happened!! When I started, I had the worst cramps I have ever had in my entire life!! That is no lie!! THE WORST!! Bleeding was heavy & lots of clotting but lasted normal length.

Since that period on Oct 26th, I haven't had another so I am now on CD 50!! I'm having lower back pain & cramping off & on. My question is: do you think I could have gotten pg in Oct (we had a lot of sex around what should have been Ovulation time) & miscarried during THAT cy & my body is off kilter because of it? I know it takes time for your body to regulate again after a MC. If I remember correctly, it took 2 months for my body to regulate when I MC'd in 2000 so could I have been pg & had a VERY early MC around implantation?

My 2nd question is: do you think it's possible that I could be pg now? I'm thinking that I'm not now & that if I did get pg, it happened in Oct & I did have an early MC but it would have had to have been very very early as I started my period on CD 25. I know I should go get a pg test but we don't have a lot of $$ & with xmas, I just don't want to waste any $$$. If I did get pg in Oct & had an early MC, I doubt that a test would show positive now unless I was pg now.

Has this ever happened to anyone or does anyone have any info that might be helpful & put my mind at rest? Please don't post & tell me to get a test. I will get a test probably tomorrow if I don't start. Any help/info is very much appreciated!!

p.s. I don't have any children. As far as I know, the only time I have been pg is when I had the MC.

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Its really hard to say what is going on, but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say perimenopause.  This does not mean you are going into menopause as perimenopause can last 10 years.  Irregular cycles are common during that time frame.

It is always possible you did have an early m/c.  Unfortunately there would really be no way to diagnose that now, even for a Dr.  

As for pregnancy, there is no other way to know other then a test, or you can see your Dr. for a bloodtest.

One way or the other it sounds like hormones are out of whack, so you might want to see a Dr. anyway. Whether that is due to normal changes in your body or pregnancy is impossible to say.

Sorry, wish I could be more help.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks so much for the response. I actually saw my dr on Friday & he said that he didn't think it was peri-menopause because I had my hormones checked not too long ago but he did tell me a story about his sis-in-law. She & her hubby tried for years to get pg without any luck & when she turned 46, she pretty much gave up because she knew it was very unlikely that it would happen at her age however it did!! He said once you hit your 40's you begin to drop more eggs which is why many women have multiples! He said when she stopped thinking about it, it just happened! She went full term & gave birth to a healthy baby!!

I actually DID stop thinking about it for a good while as I had some things happen in my life & I figured that if God wanted me to have a baby, he would have sent me 1 by so I thought all hope was lost so I did just stop thinking about it. Dr said I could do a home test but if I wanted, I could wait til af shows or go in for a BT this week. I'm gonna have to do something because it is starting to drive me crazy....again....thanks so much for taking the time to respond :)

Have a great evening!!
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Honey the doctors told me I was in perimenapause three, no four, children ago. I would like to ask a question about the underwear your husband wears. Boxer are baby makers, breifs and sperm killers. If you have never taken birth control then chances are you can be fertile until menapause. It has been proven. I just had a mc at 49. My last child at 43. Never used bcp. I am fertile and plan on staying fertile without bcp.
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