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Banking Cord Blood?
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Banking Cord Blood?

whats your decision? my peri asks me almost every visit (even though we've told him we're going to....) Just wondering who else is/isn't banking and why.
Have a great day ladies!!
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I was looking into it. I keep forgetting to ask my ob is if she's willing to do it at the delivery or not. One day I think its a good idea, the next I think not, the money is tricky cause my hubby is still pretty much laid off.
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I don't know much about it, but will be looking into it in 2nd trimester.  I like the idea.  
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We didn't bank and my mom gets on me every time the subject comes up. I hate how this topic has contributed one more reason for new mothers to feel guilty about. Arrrr...I fully believe in public donation but the private cord blood banking, to me, plays on expecting parents' emotions. Just think, if they can afford to advertise on TV ALL the time, just think of how much money they are making playing on people's heartstrings...

The reason we didn't bank is because of:

1. The cost. Yes, I know the cost of life saving procedures is priceless but after doing research on the subject, we didn't feel it was needed because we are a very low risk family.

2. There are many opinions on this but we believe... When the baby is delivered, the doctor/midwife, etc. should wait for the cord to stop pulsating before they clamp it off so the baby gets the full blood flow into their tiny bodies. When collecting for cord blood banking, in order to get an adequate supply of blood, they collect while the cord is still pulsating.

3. Using the cord blood for the same baby is generally not the case as the stem cells that would be used could carry the same disease that the child had to begin with. It is better used for a sibling with an already known condition. The chances of the stem cells being used in a donation program is far greater; however, not all hospitals (ours wasn't) are set up to donate. We were going to donate but then found this out before the births. You have to bring a kit to the hospital and we just didn't plan ahead of time. I think it takes 6 weeks to get the kit.

4. It is unclear how long the cord blood can successfully be stored (American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology).

5. It is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They state, "Storing cord blood at private banks for later personal or family use as a general “insurance policy” is discouraged." unless an older sibling with an already existing condition could benefit from a transplant.

Here are some FAQs from the AAP (take out spaces)
h t t p://w w w .aap. org/advocacy/releases/jan07cordbloodfaq. h t m
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tbeards, I tend to agree with you.

Does anybody know what the cost is? I remember getting the brochures during my last pg, but they didn't list any of the actual costs.  
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I wanted to do it, but then I read that it is rare that a dr can use a child's own cord blood to treat a disease because chances are that the blood will carry that disease as well. So, usualy it is used for siblings. If you have other kids then it is probly a good idea, in case they get sick. My kids would be half siblings and so I'm not sure if they could ever benefit from it.
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I've been contemplating this issue too...and I tend to agree with Tbeards opinion.  This wasn't around when I had DS 1 - 19 yrs ago and DS #@ 14 yrs ago.
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It wasnt arounf when I had mine either...along with MOST of the technology (u/s etc) and a lot of the baby stuff? I made my final decision after talking in depth about it with my sister...who is a research scientist w/ a PhD in biomedical eng. and genetics. (good person to know....) she said when she has a baby it isn't even a question what she would do. science changes
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