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Can Dark Pregnancy Line Indicate Multiples?
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Can Dark Pregnancy Line Indicate Multiples?

Can a dark pregnancy line indicate multiples?  Or, am I just farther along than I expected?

Brief history:
Age:  35
Miscarriages:  2 in past year
Cycle from July (last miscarriage)  to December-- 27 days
-- In January on 31st day I had light bleeding for 3 days.  
-- Home pregnancy tests said negative; even 1 week after missed period. (on 37th day.)

Feb. 08:  27th day no period
              31st day, no period and VERY dark pregnancy line indicator on First Response test.
1st pregnancy - VERY light pregnancy line - test taken at missed period - healthy baby!
2nd & 3rd pregnancies - VERY light pregnancy line - tests taken at missed period; both miscarried.
4th pregnancy - DARK pregnancy line - test taken at missed period.

Very healthy, EEG good, thyroid good, bloodwork from physical all good.

Must wait week and a half for first prenatal visit...hoping to find out more info.

Thanks for your help!
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178590 tn?1294180367
could be just a darker line depending on how concentrated your urine is.....I'm having multiples and had high hcg but my home test was very faint.
328630 tn?1213623950
The lines darkness has nothing to do with how many , it just means there is more dye in that particular test if you take 5 HPT's the lines will probabyly be a diffrent shade of positive with them all.
Avatar f tn
I agree. The lightness or darkness of the pregnancy test does not mean very much. It depends on the brand of test and how the dye pigment is manufactured. Good luck!
161782 tn?1201221532
I was actually able to tell a lot from my pee sticks during my past 11 pregnancies. I know it's not scientific, etc. etc.

Anyway, I always used First Response.  For all my 10 failed pregnancies, the line started out very light, and never did progress that quickly. It would stay pretty light for a week, just getting a little dark  (Don't even ask how many pee sticks I have taken in my life).  When I had an ectopic, the line stayed SUPER faint - like a shadow  - for about a week.  My levels were only around 10.

With this preg (I'm almost 28 weeks)  the test line was very noticeable, like 4 or 5 days before my period.  It progressively got darker.   You can see the progression at or  By 15 dpo the results line was darker than the test line.

The more HCG, the darker the results.  HCG is a good thing.

For me, it wasn't the darkness of the initial line, it was how it progressed.  

Anyway, gest of luck to you!
161782 tn?1201221532
Sorry, I forgot to add there's no way to tell if you have multiples based on a pee stick...

To clarify, I do think you can tell if the HCG is increasing or not.

Good luck.
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