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Decreased Blood Flow to Placenta...anyone had a pregnancy with this com...
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Decreased Blood Flow to Placenta...anyone had a pregnancy with this complication?

HI Ladies, Went to see my OB and had an U/S yesterday. I am almost 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I am 43.
Just a little recap of my story....
After TTC for over a year with IUI and injections, I got pregnant naturally in January. To say we were thrilled doesn't even begin to describe this feeling.
Our OB found that the fertility had misdiagnosed a condition I have....I though I had bicornuate uterus and I actually have didelphys uterus. Which means I have 2 cervixs' and 2 uterus's. The pregnancy occurred in the side of my uterus that is bigger and has more room- Thank GOD. The complications with DU is low birth weight and risk of preterm labour. So I am being monitored closely and things have been going girl is growing and now running out of room..but the longer she stays in the better.
At yesterdays appointment the OB did mention the baby is breech at this time..but could still flip around so I am ok with this..
She said our girly is growing nicely and my cervix is still good. I was super happy.
She then said that there is one concern...I am oh the high end of "normal" of decreased blood flow from placenta to the baby. So this means any physical activity I do takes the blood flow from the baby....
She has taken me off work til the baby is more housework...very limited physical activity. I was in shock to say the least. I knew I might be taken off work but I was thinking this was gonna be in September and not now...
I was pretty emotional about it last night....cuz to be honest I am scared outta my mind for our baby girl. The longer she stays in the better!!
Has anyone had this or know much about this? I don't want to google too much and get super freaked out.
But if you have a personal experience I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading my super long post....
Hugz from the couch...LOL

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Your so wise not to google.  

I am not entirely certain if my experience was exactly the same, but it does sound similar.  I do not have the double uterus or anything, but I did have what is called unexplained placental failure around 30 some odd weeks.  In other words, my son stopped growing.  Up until about 30 weeks I was getting regular ultrasounds due to a tear in my placenta, but that stopped when the bleeding did, so no ultrasound until 38 weeks.  At that time is was discovered that my son was measuring far to small.  He was taken that night by c-section and weighed in at 4lbs 14oz.  He spent 5 days in NICU for jaundice and because his blood sugar was not properly regulating, so he needed to be on IV for a few days.  He is now a completely healthy, happy, typical (and extremely 18 month old little boy.  

It's good they are monitoring it and have taken you off of work.  Follow the Dr.'s instructions carefully and do as you are told!! lol.  The thing to remember is that your little girl is now in the realm of viability even if she was born tomorrow.  Preemies tend to do just fine now as we have such wonderful medical intervention.  Yes, the longer the better.  And it does sound like you are still in normal range, just an area where close monitoring and caution is required.  I would bet anything that your daughter is just fine. She may be small, but that's ok.  Take it from me...wonderful things come in small packages!  ((hugs)).  I know your scared...but these things usually turn out well.  
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Thanks so much!!!!
Your story has def put things into perspective for me!!!!!!
I am def following the Dr's orders! I can get used to being waited on lol and not doing housework doesn't hurt my feelings LOL Thanks goodness for my mum. I'll need her help for the bathrooms...I love my DH but bathroom cleaning isn't his thing...but cooking is!! LOL
Thanks again for your response...means so much to me!!
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