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Generalized, Short-term Abdominal Pain - Pretty Darn Painful!
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Generalized, Short-term Abdominal Pain - Pretty Darn Painful!

Hi guys!

I had a m/c on 10/19 (at 11 weeks).  I'm still waiting for AF so everything is still wonky & I have no clue what is going on.  So...

My husband & I have only had baby-making sex once since the m/c (11/12 morning).  We weren't necessarily trying to conceive.  I started tracking CM & cervical changes on 11/9 in anticipation for AF.  Although I've had changes in CM, only slight changes to my cervix & vaginal walls are quite puffy.  Cervix has descended on a tiny bit & is still soft & slightly open (as much as it has been since 11/9) & CM has always bee present.  NOTE:  I have one child but she was born c/s, no attempted vaginal so I don't think my cervix would always be slightly open.

- I've been ovulation/prickly, poppy-type crampy since Thursday-Friday THEN yesterday (Sat 11/21) I had an episode of pretty bad cramps.  
- It lasted for about 15-20 minutes.  I had a tough time moving around.  
- It felt like a mixture of ov pains, gas pains (mostly) & warm back & hip pressure.  I also had some upper stomach muscle pain.  
- There was a bit of ebb & flow like gas pains.
- I think it was the pain that gave me the dry heaves but at the time I thought it was a quick on-set stomach virus.
- It ended as quickly as it came.  My upper & lower abs are still sore as if I've done too many crunches.

I attribute some of it to gas, I've been more gassy the past few days & some to constipation.  Last poop was on Wed 11/19 (& it's not TMI cuz we talk about these things here, right?)  Had a double poop this morning to prove it.
I always drink a lot of water during the week but only had coffee yesterday prior to the cramping.

As far as how bad it was...
Worse than my usual AF cramps & different.
No where CLOSE to ruptured ovarian cyst!!
Not as bad as the little bit of labor I experienced with baby #1.
I have had gas pains this bad following a big, yummy, black bean burrito but this was a once & done thing not like the definite ebb & flow of gas.

I could have certainly tolerated the pain, had I knew what it was, you know.  If this would have lasted more than a half hour I would have called someone to take me to the ER.  Not for the pain per se (I would have tried meds) but due to the mystery of it together with my recent history.
It was pretty darn bad, bad enough to warrant my concern & curiosity.

Sorry that this is so long but my late night internet research pointed to a few of the things mentioned above but also to implantation cramping & ectopic.  
The timing could be right for implantation but would it be so bad?  
Maybe in combo with the gas & constipation?
Ov & conception could only have occurred around 11/12, if it even did, so would I experience ectopic pain at implantation?

Anyone's ideas, theories or experiences would help.  I'm going to take it easy today.

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Never tmi around here, so no worries there.  Implantation is typically not painful, although I know some women say they felt it.    It does sound like bad gas to me, that can be really really painful. However, I do think it's a bit unsafe to to try to diagnose yourself, so I would really recommend seeing your Dr.  There are so many things that can be going on, especially after a loss. You could certainly be pregnant again.  DH and I only BDed once after my last m/c and I had not yet had AF.  I am 30 weeks along now.  It's certainly not uncommon.
Thanks!  I had another episode today after some pretty active sex.  Lasted about the same amount of time too.

I'm going to see my midwife 1st thing tomorrow.
Keep us posted on how it goes! Honestly, sex was really painful for me for about 6-8 weeks after my m/c. I was afraid that something was wrong with my uterus, eg my m/c didn't actually complete or something. But, it turned out just to be my body readjusting. Not quite the same scenario as what you're going through, but just thought I'd mention it.
Thanks!  Luckily I haven't had any pain since Sunday.  Some discomfort on Monday but today I feel totally fine.

I should hear about my test results this morning.  I'll let you know.

Got the results...

Everything is normal, looks good, HCG at 5.

I don't know what to think.  Of course I am glad that I don't have an infection but WHAT THE HECK!!  Those cramping episodes were too awful to be just nothing.  At least the 1st one - nothing set it off.  The second one one could have been an "aftershock" set off by sex.

Oh well, hoping to see AF this weekend so we can start trying again!!

Thanks for your help guys.
so glad to hear that everything is normal & that there's no cause for concern. like i said, i had some very intense pain during sex to the point where i thought "there must be something wrong in there", but there wasn't... my midwife just said, the uterus grows surprisingly fast in the first trimester and it has to adjust back down to its normal size.
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