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Im 35, on Clomid, Ovidrel and Progestrone trying to get pregnant. Need ...
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Im 35, on Clomid, Ovidrel and Progestrone trying to get pregnant. Need Help and advice

I've had absolutely normal health so far and the same is applicable for my husband as well. We have been trying to become parents for 3 years now.

I am now 35 and the pressure is building up. I have been on Clomid 100mg, Ovirel injection on 14th day and progestrone suppositories an attempting timed intercourses.

I had 3 HPTs and all are negative but I have missed my period. Could I still be pregnant?

I was pregnant last year but in the 2nd month the baby growth, heart beat had stopped and got to know about it only in my next ultrasound appointment in the 3rd month. I misscarried naturally in the 4th month ie 2 weeks from the ultrasound appointment. I was only on Clomid and Ovidrel then and the doctor/nurse had made no reference to use progestrone.

I feel, I am not well informed and educated and there is very little Dr. patient contact during the several months treatments Im following. I can only leave messages for the nurses if needed and they will get back to me in 24 hrs.

I am not sure if I am getting the right treatment either. My periods were irregular but all fertility tests showed very good results. My husband had his tests done too, and have normal results. I don't understand what is missing then?

Should I try insemination then? I delayed it in order to have a normal natural pregnancy. Do you recommend good Dr in Phoenix, AZ. I have a BCBS insurance.

I am stressed out, please help with your suggestions and comments.
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Hi there and welcome.  I will do the best I can with your question.

The first thing I would comment on is that it is extremly important to be working with a Dr. you feel comfortable with.  I recently switched Dr.'s and the difference for me is night and day.  Unexplained fertility is common unfortunately and even with good test results, there is no sure fire answer.  

You mentioned your periods are irregular.  That can make it a bit tougher to get pregnant.  One of the things that is important is the length of your luteal phase. This is the time between ovulation and getting your period.  If it is shorter then 10 days, that can make it more difficult to conceive.  Clomid can often resolve this problem, but in some cases clomid can cause hostile mucus.  Around the time of ovulation your body produces mucus that is very stretchy...this creates a perfect enviroment for the sperm to survive and move around in.  In some women clomid can counteract this, and the mucus is affected negatively (I am one of these women).  You can use a product called preseed to help counteract that and I also take Robitussin (yep, the cough medicine) around the time of ovulation (please talk to your Dr. about it before doing that).

Are you using ovulation predictor kits?  If you are having irregular periods, you are probably ovulating at irregular times.  I use these kits and they have worked very well for me.  I personally use a brand called ClearBlue Digital as I find it much easier to read.

I cannot say whether or not to try insemination..that is a very personal choice.  I also don't live anywhere near Arizona (I am a Canadian) so I can't help you there either.  But I would start seeing an RE and perhaps start working with a different Dr. if you are not feeling good about this one.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but please know I wish you luck.  I too am desperatly trying to have a child, and I understand your pain.  Take care, Amanda
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Sometimes the progesterone delays your period.   I assume you've had the beta test?   Once you get a negative on the beta tehy say to stop progesterone and then your period starts.  

Once I was on similar protocol for IVF, except i had two days of injectibles and my period was about a week was very very bizarre!!

As far as a good RE in arizona.....My RE got me pregnant.  He is Dr. Mark Johnson with ARMS.    I also liked Dr. Ketan Patel.  I've seen those two guys and they are great.  Don't see Dr. Zoneraich....he's practices insurance fraud wih two TIN# and makes you pay for your labs in insurance payment for labs...which is b.s. because he should be contracted with plans to pay for lab work.  But he does lab work under non contracted TIN #.  
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Ooops not sure if you're in the Phx area.  These docs are in Phx area.
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Thank you for your kind reply. I am  little too nervous and also desparate about getting pregnant. I live in Phoenix, AZ. My Dr is Mark Johnson at ARMS. I hope he gives some more attention and time to me in communicating his most preferred course of action for the upcoming treatment cycle. I have left a message for the nurse today and looking forward to hear from her soon.

I have not been explained any side effects of clomid, Ovidrel or progestrone. I don know if these are the best drugs out there. I just got to know from you guys about the mucus lining caused by Clomid and that progestrone delays periods. I was not instructed about discontinuing the use of progestrone. I still do not have my periods yet and Im really unsure at this moment.

How will I know if I have mucus secretion due to Clomid? How can I avoid it? What should I do to get the best results out of my treatment cycle?

So far with clomid I had ovulated exactly on the 14th day of my cycle. On this day I used to do the ovulation test which always came +ve. Then I would get an ultrasound on the 14th day and also get an Ovidrel injection from the nurse the same day. I was asked to do a HPT on the 28th day of my cycle.

I never thought pregnancy would be this difficult. It was too naive or stupid of me to believe that once you have sex you get pregnant for a long time. It took me some time to learn that there is an ovulation cycle. I have hardly visited Drs in my life so I assumed everything is ok with me.

Dr.mentioned to me that I have good number of egg produced so I can have multiple babies very likely. So also my husband's sperm count is 275M.

Which are the good websites to find more information on the most appropriate treatment for fertility. I want to have normal, healthy babies like every other woman but I have been very hesitant to discuss issues with anyone other than nurse/Dr and my husband. This is the 1st time I am posting my concerns and questions.

Just in case this time doesn't click for me I am planning to explore insemination. Are there any side effects? Just keeping fingers crossed please wish me luck and keep me updated with any info you have.

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The drugs you are taking are just fine.  Clomid works really well for some women, and not so well for others.  Typically around the time you ovulate your body will produce an increased amount of whitish discharge.  You may notice it on your underwear or when you wipe.  It should have an eggwhite like consistancy, and is very stretchy.  You can use a product called preseed (I buy it on line) to help it along (its the ONLY lubricant as far as I know that helps...all others, including saliva, can hinder things).  Also, 5 or 6 days prior to ovulation, cut out anything that can dehydrate you...alchohol, caffeine, etc.  Drink lots and lots of water.  All these things can help.  You can also talk to your Dr. about alternatives and he can certainly give you better advice then I can.

There are a lot of great websites, this being one of the best (in my opinion).  One of the best things you can do is educate yourself as much as possible on fertility and your body.  I have learned an awful lot just from being here regularly, and have definately become much more of an active participant in my "reproductive health".  Don't be afraid to question your Dr. or to request more information. Remember no one knows your body better then you do!!

Good luck to you!
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I am really dissappointed that nothing has worked so far and I don understand why. Should I change my doctor? I would be considering to switch from Dr Mark Johnson to Dr. Ketan Patel. However, I see a significant experience to Dr. Mark's credentials so I am confused. I need to think and act fast so that I do no miss my next cycle. Hence kindly suggest/advice.

At Arizona Reproductive Medicine, I find it difficult to not get to comminicate with someone/atleast the nurse when you call in. You have to leave in a message and wait for their response expecting it to be quick. In the month of March, my appointment was schedule for an ultrasound, insemination and trigger on cycle day 14 however, the nurse had mistyped my appointment in the system. I made sure that I confirmed my appointment which happened to be over the weekend and asked her if the clinic is open on the weekends. The nurse called back in confirming time and day and also mentioned that the Chandler facility is open on weekends. And here I am at the Chandler facility on my cycle day 14, when my ovulation was positive waiting whole morning thro' afternoon for the clinic to open. For sometime I thought I confused the time btwn 9:00am or 9:30am. Then we thought perhaps they open late over the weekend. All along we kept calling to only land up to an answering machine. Only after 2:30pm my husband could talk to someone who mentioned that our appointment was the following day. The following day they did my ultrasound, insemination and trigger shot but the nurse was not sure if I had already ovulated. She gave me hope that it seems like there is one folicle. When I told her about I ovulated yesterday and my appointment was to be the day before, she tells me that their Chandler facility is never open on weekends and the nurse had mistyped the appointment date to April instead of March for the said day (Cycle day 14th). And no one seems to be even apologetic for the same.

This incidence has disheartned me to a great extent. I feel sorry for making my husband sit outside the clinic from morning 9:00 am thro' 2:30pm over the weekend hoping they will open at some point and that we should not miss out important time of the month.It becomes very stressful in such situations but I am concerned will switching to another Doctor be a lenghty procedure and do not want to miss my next cycle.

Plz suggest how is the procedure at Dr. Ketan Patel's clinic and if you recommend switching the doctor. I am trying to learn and educate myself as much as I can in the meanwhile.
Thanks again,
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I think you just had an unfortunate mistake with nurses and communication.   It can really happen anywhere.   At both doctors you mentioned, I'd always have to leave a question with the nurse and they'd call me back.   I never got in touch with a nurse right away.  

You might Dr. Patel's better as it's smaller and more intimate.  Maybe take it up a notch and try clomid and injectibles.    Good luck!!
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