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Is it possible to spot or have implantation bleeding after a 3 day peri...
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Is it possible to spot or have implantation bleeding after a 3 day period?

I'm 47 and have a normal 28 day cycle. My last reg. period was 11/7 l(6-7 days). I had unprotected sex with my bf the day before and on ovulation (19 & 20) I've been having ALL preg symptoms, except for sore tender breast (although they have gotten larger) and the so called metalic taste in my mouth. I have been extremely nauseaus with out throwing up. I get bad mood swings, but only with my bf. Low back pains headaches, fatigue, want to sleep a lot, frequent urination, constipation, dizziness, the works! My period was due 12/4. I took a hpt the morning of the 6, bfn. Later that evening I started to bleed a med-dark red. This lasted 3 days (usually 6-7). After it stopped, I took another hpt the following morning. Another bfn. The next day I spotted med. pink, but only when I wiped. No pad needed. Now I heard of implantation bleeding right before a period, but can it happen after a period.  Also, with my very first pregnancy (21 yrs ago), my period was off by 2 days and I had NO SYMPTOMS at all. When I had my doctors visit and told him I was la few days late once, but the other months were okay, he asked me when was my last regular period before I was late. I told him, then he gave me a urine test. The results was that I was already 3 mons. My present doctor said I'm not even near menopause yet, and there is still a possiblility of getting pregnant. Could all this be in my head, or could I actually be pregnanct after all therse years, and just took the hpt's too early. And what about the spotting after the period. I don't think it's lleft over blood, because I douched to clean myself.
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I would say that you could have a good chance of being pregnant, sometimes when your just pregnant and when your period is due you can experience abit of break-through bleeding, this happens due to there not being enough hcg to stop a small period like bleed but enough to keep the pregnancy viable, so you remain pregnant, this is also why alot of women think that they cant be pregnant because they have had their period, although it was shorter/lighter than usual. I would maybe retest using first morning wee, and if that still comes up neg treat yourself as pregnant and go and get some bloods done with your doctor, good luck
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