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Low rising HCG level
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Low rising HCG level

Hi everyone.  I am a 42 year-old mom and pregnant.  I had my daughter when I was 22 years old and delivered C-Section (breach) full-term.  Beginning two years later for the next 8 years I had 4 additional pregnancies all ending in a miscarriage anywhere from 5 weeks to 8 weeks. I quit trying to get pregnant after the 4th.

I am now in a new marriage and figured I was early menopausal because of irregular periods for the past year.  My last LMP was 2/8/2008.  I generally don't assume I am pregnant because of the irregularity of cycles anywhere from 28 days to 40 days but this time I had this wierd feeling that I may be.

Friday, March 14 I had a beta Hcg and my level was 31.4.  Wow I am pregnant.  Monday, March 17 my level was 64.9; Wednesday, March 19 it was 105; Friday, March 21 - 198; and Monday, March 24 - 379.  Although I felt these level have been low and rising slow, my OB kept telling me they were fine and rising nicely.  Yesterday I had it checked again and this time it went from 379 on Monday to 450 on Wednesday.  It barely increased in two days.  My initail reaction was that I was miscarrying which was quite upsetting.  The nurse told me not to get discouraged but I figured she had to tell me this.  Thirty-hours later, I have had no cramping, no bleeding and very sore breast.

Tomorrow I go for another level check.  My husband, my daughter, and myself are all hoping that my levels will be fine.  I am trying to stay positive but I am bitting my nails because I am so nervous and anxious for the results tomorrow.

Has anyone had a similiar experience?

Thanks and sorry it it so long.
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I have never been thur any mc but I did know right away I was pregnant. befor I even took a home test.
stress and worry I think causes more problems then anything. try to relax and keep telling yourself if it happens great!! your still so early that anything can happen.
Congradulations on your pregnancy and good luck tomorrow... I wish you the best!!
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Not a Dr or anything, but I think that you are ok. Just the older we get the less progestne we prduce, I think you're fine. Good luck to you. Oh yeah ask your Dr to check progestne levels. Good luck 2 to!
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Sorry I did not post a follow up sooner. I went for my level on Friday.  It was not good. The level went from 450 on Wednesday to 454 on Friday.  I am holding on to fate and hope.  Ever heard of the "Vanishing Twin Syndrome"?  Also I did have my progersterone level checked last Monday and it was in the 50's but I am also on Progersterone Suppositories since the day of my confirmed pregnany.

I go back tomorrow to have another level drawn and a Hcg level.  The doc wants to make sure it is not an ectopic pregnancy.  I will keep you informed.  Thanks!
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