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Serious Issues post pregnancy after epidural
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Serious Issues post pregnancy after epidural

Here is the story, below you will find the quick dry version. My better half developed hypertension during the last trimester of her pregnancy, and was induced because of it at about 34 weeks. The induction wasn’t fully successful, she stopped at 5cm and wouldn’t pass that point. about 10-12 hours into her labour she was given the epidural, during one of her contractions (which I'm told is normal). 5 hours later when no more progression is seen (she’s still at 5cm) they decide that we should do the C-section. The C-section seems to go fairly well.(key word here "seems") Anyway baby Is out and taken away. I chose to stay with Mom because she needed me more.

She’s forgotten about 2 times while in her recovery over 4 days. Two whole days go by without a nurse checking in on her or the baby. I was there and we called for a couple things here and there not a lot to bother them with, but no one came most of the time. Even when being discharged we had to go to the desk where normally a nurse would come to discharge us.

From the moment we left she was experiencing back pains but we were more interested in keeping the c-section healthy. About 6 weeks to the day she experiences an "attack" (and I call it an attack because its like nothing I have seen before). Its just before supper and she’s having a hard time breathing. After about one to one and a half minutes it subsides, were a little concerned but eat supper and kind of toss it up to one of those pregnancy things, but later on in the night while she disappears downstairs to fold laundry I hear a faint noise that seems like something is wrong run down to find her in tears flailing around trying to find some sort of sanity because she cannot breath again but this time much worse, I  called 911 immediately and was on response only mode ( my mind shut down and I could only ask what they asked me to her and quickly reply to them her brief answers and what I could remember) within 5 minutes of that time they were at our house to get her, however the attack passed moments before they pulled up so I drove her to emergency. We spent most of the evening their waiting, and in the end were referred to another hospital to see the epidural specialist who had preformed her epidural during her labor the next day.
So the next day we are at the hospital early in the morning , waited our turn get in to be seen , (wait no room) yep were put into a waiting area behind the waiting area ( uhh what is this emergency VIP waiting)  so were waiting again, she has an attack as a doctor is passing by, were in distress not knowing is this going to be it. No one had looked her over to see what was wrong but for all we know she could be dead in minutes. Doc says “We’ll get you a room” and leaves never to be seen again. This attack passes after even longer then the last with medical physicians passing no one helping. Finally 2 hours later they come to check vitals take oxygen levels and whatever (I’m thinking wouldn’t that be more important and accurate during the attack, where were you then) anyway the physician who did the epidural wont come as he isn’t on call and the on call specialist wont come because she’s not working the emergency today….clock ticking another attack, brief one but still another. 10 hours pass finally a specialist walks in looks her over quick asks us 10 fairly random questions which we have answered already then says come in for an MRI tomorrow (apparently they want to check a 1 in 200,000 chance she has an infection) anyway we show up for the MRI the next day and they do it, state she’s fine probably just muscle problems.
So were sent home mysteriously the attacks stop for two weeks and their back again last night. I cant talk her into going back to the hospital but I’m sure there is something more going on here. Each time it happens were both afraid it could be the end of her life.

Pregnancy induced Hypertension in the third trimester
induction 34 weeks
c-section after epidural
lost blood during c-secion
     baby = fine
Serious back pain still 2 months post pregnancy
During the pain she cannot catch her breath (feels like she was punched in the back)
Have been to emergency where we saw a specialist who ordered an MRI
Had the MRI done were told not an issue, probably muscle pains.
Still happening.
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Avatar m tn
We have tried massage,chiropractic visits and a535 back pads. nothing seems to be working if anything the chiropractic visit made it worse. Oh and she thinks the pain is coming from the epidural site. I cant find anything on the internet to ease my mind that this is fairly common.
296076 tn?1371338074
so sorry for her... I hope she gets better, we are just people if you mean to access the dr. paige to ask a question you have to click on doctors I think
Avatar f tn
It just destroys your faith in medical health care and sounds like turned what is supposed to be a special, happy time into a nightmare for you both.
I dont know if this helps but a couple of years ago I fell arse over ***  (nicely put) down the stairs and suffered nerve damage which went into spasm. I kid you not it was excruiciating and I was just managing to keep consciousness every time it happened. It took months to recover properly. This was low down but if your partner has some muscle or nerve damage from the epidural it could be high enough to totally take her breath away. I would keep returning to your doctor or the hospital until you get to the bottom of it, it could dangerous if your partner is holding your baby when she has another attack.
One of my epidurals was left in by mistake and removed the day after AND once I was put into bed, again after an epidural and it wasnt until hours later (when it wore off) I discovered I had be sat on a three pinned electrial plug. Luckily it wasnt a crucial piece of equipment that was supposed to be keeping me alive !!
I hope everything goes well for you both.
97615 tn?1212682189
I agree w/ the above, you should continue to search out the reason behind this.  don't accept the fact that it is fine.  obviously she is not fine.  i would see another dr maybe even a neuro dr.  whatever it takes.  drs make mistakes all the time and overlook things.  keep after it and best wishes.  
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