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Signs of labor?
So I am 36 weeks now, i go for weekly "biophysical profiles" - detailed ultrasounds + non stress test ... my next apt is this coming thursday.. my last one was last thursday - at that time i was having contractions that i coudlnt even really feel but were showing up on the NST monitor.. and i was 25% effaced and cervix was "soft" and maybe 1cm just on the outside... anyhow since then i have noticed the contractions getting a little stronger - sometimes they are 5min apart, sometimes i'll go hours without any - they had just told me to rest as of last thursday.. Anyhow, my question is when you are nearing labor do you always have blood tinged mucus??? or can you be dilating a lot without seeing any bleeding or mucus? i have yet to see either of those, but i am feeling  A LOT of pressure in my pelvis the last three days, and today its a whole other level! she has really dropped into my pelivs.. anyways i'm curious about the mucus and blood since i'm on blood thinners and we have to stop them a few days before i go into labor! thank you!!!!
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