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Tubal Ligation Failure??
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Tubal Ligation Failure??

"Feeling pregnant" after Tubal Ligation 7 yrs ago... Up until recently I've never questioned the success of my procedure. But for the last several months I've experienced EVERY pregnancy symptom except a i've had weird periods every month and several negative tests. Nausea, bigger & sore breasts, bumps on nipples, heartburn, weird cravings, fatigue, cramping on & off (usually never have menstral cramps, just back aches), felt movement the last several weeks, bloating, weight gain, & for the last month i've felt numb & uncomfortable from just under my breasts to my navel... I know many women have experienced these same false symptoms but no one ever says what was wrong. Every time I try to convince myself i'm not, I have that "feeling i'm pregnant" again or i'll feel movement in my abdomen. I swear I feel like i'm going crazy! Does anyone else know what could cause these symptoms??
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After my mom had her tubal at the age of 25 she went into perimenopause. She had a hysterectomy at 28 and hit full blown menopause shortly thereafter.
Not saying that is your problem, but it could be something you might want to look into.

Perimenopause symptoms are exactly like pregnancy symptoms...or at least for some of us they are.
I've been peri for quite awhile now, so when I got pregnant 6 weeks ago it was a big shock. lol
I also get some of these same symptoms from IBS. Stomach issues such as IBS would give you the "movement feelings, cramps, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, etc" as well.

Just saying that it could be alot of different things. Better to be checked out by a doctor than to sit around guessing for the rest of your life. lol
And just so you can get pregnant after a tubal. Sometimes they come "undone".
Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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I would definitely get checked by a doctor. Many things could cause your symptoms...some of them are not good and need to be addressed.

If your regular doctor won't do an ultrasound, you might consider going to a hospital ER and tell them you are spotting and think you might be pregnant...they should do one then.

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I too would see a Dr.  If you are having negative tests and periods, it's unlikely you are pregnant, but still, better to have everything checked out.  Feel better soon!
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Thanks everyone... I have actually been to the ER 2 months ago for intense pain after what looked to me like a miscarrage (miscarriage). The pains I had a few days before felt exactly like contractions. The next morning I felt something pass through me. I know its TMI but that time I pulled it out of the toilet & couldnt believe what I saw. I explained this to the ER & they treated me like I was nuts. The ultrasound consisted of 10 seconds with the lady holding it on my actual pubic bone. I've had 5 kids & I have NEVER had an ultrasound only lasting 10 sec's and them keeping it on my actual pubic bone. I even mentioned possible cysts due to my sis's history with them. She said cysts arent visible thru ultrasound. Wrong! I knew for a fact she was wrong about that. My diagnosis was painful periods. Keep in mind I dont get menstral cramps, I get lower back ache when its my time. Needless to say I left there without peace of mind. I am certain it was a miscarriage in February... but what concerns me is my 5th child was a twin. I was told I was miscarrying with her, but come to find out it was twins & the other wasnt viable. She is now a healthy vivacious 7 yr old. I just worry that the same situation could have happened again. I definitely am not hoping for any more but I would welcome it if that were the case. I just want answers & a Dr. who doesnt treat me like i'm crazy.
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