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Using fenugreek...
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Using fenugreek...

So I'm a new mom c: had my baby boy on february 21 (: . I am currently breastfeeding but I noticed that my little one doesn't seem to get enough from that... He cries even when latched on.! And i feel so bad I give him formula... He ends up drinking the entire bottle super fast.! Even after feeding him breastmilk for over an hour n a half (sometimes he falls asleep for 5 minutes), he's still really hungry. And I want to start pumping milk for when I go back to school in 2 weeks...
I was wondering, has anyone tried fenugreek.? Does it really work.? Did anyone experience side effects.???
It's also hard for me since I am a teen parent... I have alot going on right now and I'm often very tired....
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The best thing that you can do is stop the bottle feeds. Baby may well feed constantly for a couple of days but that will help to increase the amount of milk you are producing. Babys go through growth spurts so during this time they will be much hungrier. Also as they get bigger they need more milk, so they will feed constantly for a while to make you produce more. Your milk works on a supply and demand system so the more baby feeds the more you produce. Pumping in between feeds also helps but a breast pump won't get as much milk out as your baby can. Supplementing with a breastfeeding tea can help too. Also the first bit of milk baby gets is thin and doesn't fill them up as much, but the milk further back which baby gets later in the feed is the stuff that makes them feel full. It can help to pump a little before feeding so that baby gets the filling milk straight away.
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My baby girl was born February 28. She is totally breastfed. With my first one I made the mistake of giving my son formula along with breast feeding. Pretty soon the formula took over and at 3 months he was completely on formula. My advice is stop the formula immediately. Let him nurse as long as he wants and pump between feedings to build up your milk. I did try fenugreek in the past and it did seem to help. I also take a tea called mothers milk. I pumped and got 3 ounces out of one side. When you first start pumping, you won't get much, but you have to keep on pumping to build it up. Soon you'll be seeing a lot more milk and your baby will be satisfied. Don't listen to people who tell you that you need to supplement with formula. That is not true. I found out the hard way. When I was 17 I had my first baby and didn't know much about breast feeding. But my second one I was determined not to give him formula and he was completely breastfed. At 2 months he weighed 17 lbs. Now I just had my tenth child 15 days ago. She hardly cries and she nurses a lot. Sometimes she'll nurse for 30-45 minutes. She is my mellowest baby. I've nursed 9 children successfully and know it is possible to do it. I hope this advice helps.
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I used a similar supplement to this and it helped:
http://www.**************.com/MotherLove.html and they also have a free support line.

I also used the tea and it helped too.  Not the tastiest, but I did get some effect.  I see that there are recipes online if you want to brew your own.

Also, you can get a prescription for domperidone
Everyone I know who has used it has had great (like lots of milk) results.  They prescribe it here in Ontario at the Jack Newman Clinic.  He's a breastfeeding guru.

You can actually google him and write his clinic for help.  They answer everyone.

For sure the bottle feeding will decrease what the baby needs to do to get your milk going.  The more he breastfeeds, the more you'll produce.  That's the general theory.

Good luck!
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