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fish oil and 81mg of asprin?
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fish oil and 81mg of asprin?

Because I cant seem to get past 5 wks in my pg's my dr has said to start taking the fish oil and 81mg of asprin 4 pills a day...does that sound right? Do I start taking them now or after I'm pg cause I read taking asprin cause m/c and also cause the baby not to implant right if it implants at all...I don't know what to do!
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Mine has me on the extra folic acid, prenatal and baby asprin.  The baby asprin is something a lot of women will take especially if they have been diagnoised with the blood clotting disorder.   My test came back normal for the main ones they test for but they still have me taking the baby asprin just in case I have one of the blood clotting disorders that they don't test for.  I've never heard of the fish oil though.  

I'm in the same boat as you are,  I can get pregnant however the longest I've carried is 9 wks out of the 7 m/cs that I've had w/ no live births.  

I googled it and it just says that it helps reduce any abnormal blood clotting.  Interesting.  
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The 81 mg tablet, or baby aspirin, is totally safe to take while pregnant...lots of women on here take it every day. It's the full-strength version you're not suppose to take. Baby aspirin can actually help with implantation for some women and also prevent possible blood clots to the placenta later on.

I was also told to start taking baby aspirin after my first miscarriage by my RE...just as a precaution. I was also taking fish oil. And yes, you can start taking them on a daily basis now.

I'm now 19 weeks pregnant and I'm still taking baby aspirin (although, I'm no longer taking fish oil, as my prenatal has DHA).

Best of luck to you!
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You should really begin taking the 81 bb aspirin now BEFORE you get pregnant, cuz "if" thats an issue, then it will help w/implantation.  I would follow your Dr's order & don't worry.
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i do believe really strongly in the fish oil. just try to make sure it's the highest quality you can find, and hopefully that the label says it has been tested for mercury. i am doing something a little bit different, but with the same goal (essential fatty acids). i take 2tbsp of Udo's Essential Oil with DHA per day-- it has all the omega 3-6-9s in the proper ratio. it is expensive but very pure. i take it in protein shakes that i make with fruits or veggies. right now with the nausea it's just about the only way i can get enough protein down.

EFAs are anti-inflammatory and have many other benefits that can only be good for you!
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i agree with the other girls.. it is great to take!  i am on 81mg asprin daily, plus 4mg folic acid plus prenatal (and heparin shots too). we did tons of fertility treatments (injections, iui's - at least 7 or so) and actually got pregnant naturally the first month i took the asprin and folic acid (took them before i got pregnant) now we are almost 28 weeks!!!! : )  
Oh and my prenatal also has a DHA (omega) supplement in it.. it thins the blood as well, and has shown great benefits to help get and stay pregnant, and great for your baby to be's brain development! GOOD LUCK! : )
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I have been taking baby aspirin, folic acid and prenatal vitamins until now. I am 10w3d pregnant now. My ob/gyn asked me to take these medicines before trying to conceived and luckily after taking 2 months after I got pregnant after 2 m/cs in a row. But I don't have any testing done because my ob/gyn was very hesitant to have testing and waiting until 3 m/cs and she prescribed me the baby aspirin, folic acid and prenatal vitamins. So many ladies on this forum were taking those meds and they were successful and delivered a healthy babies.

Good luck!
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baby aspirin and I believe in red Rasberry Leaf tea.
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I also am on both.  I have been taking the baby asprin daily even prior to this pregnancy.  When I found out I was pregnant this time I started daily fish oil.  I have had a real problem carrying past first trimester until this pregnancy.  15 weeks and going strong now.  I have read a lot of information about both of these being linked to possibly helping prevent miscarriage, so am continuing on.  Good luck to you.
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