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intrauterine pregnancy
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intrauterine pregnancy

worried sister,

I need some help or second opinion to all doctors concern to this problems...! Please

My younger sister have a problem when she had a twice ultrasound and the result is having  a intrauterine pregnancy and congenital hydrocephalus. The result of the congenital survey are the following : face,neck,heart,lungs,diaphragm,stomach,kidneys,urinary bladder,extremities and external genitalia are both normal but the problems is the HEAD having a dilated ventricles...

Fetal and obstetric sonography with anatomical survey:
(within the gravid uterus is a single,live fetus in cephalic presentation with the following measurements:
1. BPD  = 7.6 cm (30.5 weeks)
2. FL     = 6.5 cm (33.3 weeks)
3. AC    = 25.3 cm (29.4 weeks)
Real time  scan shows good somatic and cardiac activity. FHR = 135 beats/minute. Placenta is implanted anteriorly, grade III, high-lying. There is adequate amount of amniotic fluid.
IMPRESSION : Single,live.intrauterine pregnancy in cephalic presentation of about 31.3 weeksaverage gestation by BPD, FL, AC......EDD: january 22,2008....COngenital hydrocephalus

hi doctor,

Thats the result of my sister`s ultrasound..I need some opinion regarding her case. We`re questioning and thinking that how many percent the baby will alive or how many percent the baby will not survive...? In that case will need operation or caesarian,it  should be during her labor or before her EDD..

Anyways,i need your help opinion or ideas in her case...My younger sister is only 20 yrs. old..PLease help us and big thanks to all

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I am not sure I understand what is going on with your sister...

Let me see if I can look up congenital hydrocephalus.
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OK, I've looked it up and it sounds like it is a serious condition. This is what it says about treatment on the website:

"How is it treated?
Early treatment-within a baby's first 3 to 4 months-is important to help limit or prevent brain damage. The long-term effects of congenital hydrocephalus depend largely on the cause of the condition, its severity, and the response to treatment.

Treatment generally consists of surgically inserting a flexible tube (shunt) in the brain to drain the cerebrospinal fluid. The shunt will remain in the brain permanently but may need to be repaired or replaced if a problem develops.

Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is sometimes performed instead of surgical shunt placement. ETV is a surgical procedure in which a small hole is made in a ventricle in the brain, allowing CSF to flow freely. It is often done when hydrocephalus seems to be a result of a blockage between ventricles. If used as treatment for congenital hydrocephalus, it is more likely to be tried after a shunt malfunction or infection. ETV was once thought to be a permanent solution for redirecting CSF flow, but it has been shown to fail over time. Babies younger than 6 months of age usually are not good candidates for this procedure."

I am so sorry your sister is going through all this. I hope all will be well with her and the baby!!!!

Oh, and if you wanted to ask a doctor about this, you have to post under one of the "Ask a Doctor" forums. This is just a regular forum with regular people asking and answering questions.

Take care!
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