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left side vagina swollen
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left side vagina swollen

My baby girl is 7mths old now (3rd child) and since I was 4mths pregnant with her, I have had swelling redness burning and stabbing pain on left side of vagina.
Been to three gyno's, 4GP's and been diagnosed with everything from osteitis pubis to varicose veins, dermatitis, thrush, pudenal nerve. Have had all tests for STI's several times all came clear. Been prodded and poked way too much last Gp prescribed anti depressants told her I'm not depressed just want this fixed gone on way too long
Have had mri scans, bone scans etc
I beleive I have osteitis pubis, which I am doing physio for  but also think there my be another problem
Just got period again today and had resistance to tampon when inserting, its very uncomfortable and I have 3 young children to run after
Ice pack is my only relief
We have been abstaining from sex and its no better. very very frustrating
Has anyone had anything like this and found a cure
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I'm sorry that I can't be of help but I do wish you lots of luck. It sounds terrible.
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yuck...i hope they figure it out...
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I am so, so sorry - I know how miserable you must be.  I an 14 weeks pregnant and have something similar but not exactly.  I have symphis pubis dysfunction - it started as right groin pain and then spread to the entire pelvic area after a CVS procedure because I was in stirrups too long.  Did yours get worse after delivery?  That is often the case.  You very well may have osteitis pubis, but it is a little unusual that it is only on the right side (or is the pain in the entire pelvic area and just the swelling and redness on the right side). All I can say is that I have found western medicine to be a little lacking in cases like these, and I am a scientist so I am not generally anti-western medicine, believe me.  I just got tired of people not knowing and then assuming this was in my head or normal "aches and pains" of pregnancy, when I can barely walk at 14 weeks.  I have had to do a ton of research on my own and have ended up with more help from physical therapy, orthobionomy, and accupuncture.  Orthobionomy is like a combo between phsyical therapy and chiropracters.  The idea is that if pelvic misaliggnment is causing the pain, then very gentle manipulations can realign, combined with exerises to help keep it aligned and the stengthen other supporting muscles.  Chiropracters can also help but my people say that they often make realiggnmetns too roughly and too quickly, plus chiropracter in general make me nervous.  Where do you live?  I can ask my bionomy person if she knows anyone in your area.  The only catch is that it is not covered under insuranc - but I was so desperate.

My best guess is that you might have something going on in addition to the osteitis pubis, but if it is not a systemic infection (your bloodwork would have shown that), then your best bet is first focusing on treating the pain and getting your pelvis back in shape - then you can see if the redness and swelling go away.  

If ice packs help, try filling condoms with water and freezing, then they are the perfect shape to put against your vagina inside your underwear.  Try epsom salts baths as well.  

I wish you the best of luck.      
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