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survival of fetus with low heart rate
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survival of fetus with low heart rate

hi im 39 and just a little over 11 weeks pregnant.had some minor spotting  on sun so went to the drs
he said probably nothing but sent me for a ultra sound.they said nothing there and sent me on my way
in the mean time i have had no other late the next day i get a call from the drs office
and they explain to me that i have a blood pool in the uterus and the babys heart rate is only88
and a posibility of a worried with questions i went in to see the dr .and of coarse
right before i go ,i go to the washroom and there was a small amount of bright red blood
and then no more. dr explained to me that for some reason i had a small amount of blood pool
(about the size of a quarter) and that might have been the blood i passed or it was new
and that i had to wait until this tues for my other ultra sound to find out if all is well
so with a low heart rate does my baby have a chance ?
the worst part is i saw it and it was moving around and the heart rate to me looked like it was beating ok
im so worried can anyone help me?
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Well this could go either way.....Im not trying to be negative. Low fetal rate is not a good thing.  HOWEVER that doesnt mean that the blood that you passed was not what was sitting there and that you and your baby are not going to be OK. I would say next week will tell you more. Movement and a heartbeat is a good indication. I am sorry for your worry....I can only imagine the stress you are under. Please keep in touch.
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I don't know a lot about fetal heartbeat rates, but I do know a thing or two about blood pooling, and passing blood.  I agree with Carp, this could go either way for you.  The waiting is horrible, I know.  My OB told me that once there was a heartbeat that chances of miscarriage dropped dramatically, so thats positive.  I really hope all turns out well for you, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  All the best to you, and we are here if you need to talk.
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I had a low fhr at 6 weeksof 89 and they gave me a 50/50. My ds ins 9 weeks :) BUT, you are 11 weeks and that is what makes me a bit nervous.... Maybe they caught the baby sleeping or something...Gosh, the wait is going to seem like eternity I know because they made me wait a week to come back too. I just pray your baby is okay, please keep us posted.
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