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Am I pregnant? 2 months late, brown spotting, back pains, muscle cramps...
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Am I pregnant? 2 months late, brown spotting, back pains, muscle cramps

Hi! Need your help!

It's been 2 months now and 6 days and I still don't have my period. I have light brown spotting on my undies and I never had this before. I sometimes miss my period so I thought it was just normal last month that I did not have it, until this month and the brown spotting. I had unprotected sex 2 months ago right after my period but swore he never did it inside but ofcourse maybe he did a little bit and he just dont know it. Anyway, i want to try hpt but I cant until i have told my guardians that I have a bf because Im sure they will kill me. They thought that Im that little innocent red riding hood but duh! I dont know what to do at this time so I need your opinion.
1. Do u think Im pregnant?
2. How would I tell my guardians that I am? I don't have my parents..
3. I always had massage and go to the SPA every weekend, should I stop it? And is sauna bad as well?

P.s. I know i need to do hpt asap, i just want to set my mind on what to expect.
Thanks a lot! :)
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This is a hard one because you sometimes miss your period..You could be pregnant. Brown spotting, low abdomen pain, nausea, back pain are all symptoms of pregnancy. You should wait until you have missed this months period by two weeks and take a hpt with first morning urine and if it's positive just tell them the truth..hope this helps
Thanks! I have scheduled an appt tom with my Doc. I was concerned because i just had a massage last week and it was quite hard. I am still spotting now but is it normal to have light to medium blood? Im using a pad and the stains are very noticeable but its too small compared to my regular period. However it has been 4 days now and i am still spotti g brown to light red. I think i am really prego, i have missed 2 months of my period already.
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