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Did this happen to anyone post baby?
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Did this happen to anyone post baby?

While I was pregnant with Baby G, I didn't retain much water, at least not compared to my first pregnancy....but I think a lot of that has to do with the time of year I was pregnant: the first time, I was due in late September, the second time, I was due in January.

Anyway, with G, I had swelling in my fingers and hands at the very end, in the last couple of weeks only, and I needed to remove my wedding ring and engagement ring.  After having him, I was able to put them back on.....but they're still tight.  In the past couple of days, I've had to leave them off completely.  My ring finger, well the knuckle, is swollen and I'm thinking I'm going to have to get the rings resized.

Has anyone else had this happen?
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Yes! It happened to me not with my first pregnancy, but with my pregnancy with this baby boy. It was to late for me. One day I could just not take my ring off, so they had to cut them off :( both of them. My hands are the only ones that are huge right now other than that feet get swollen when I have been walking for awhile!
Hey am new here, sorry havent been thru what u wanted 2 know. Am myself rlyyyy woriddd thz dayz. iF U CUD HELP ME PLZ... i wud b gr8fulll....
This is my complete history n i need some really gudd advice plzzz helpp:

I got marrid in march 2009, till november 2009 we did not plan for a baby.In december 2009 i conceived in our first try.
My cycle was always normal.

FIRST PREGNANCY:( missed abortion)
in the first pregnancy i got my first ultrasound done at 7 weeks heart beat n fetal pole both were present.
i was advised 2 get my 2nd ultrasound done at 12 weeks. but then at 12 weeks i found that there was no heart beat n the baby stopped growing at 8.5 weeks , same nite bleeding started n i got my dnc done.
During this pregnancy i was advised the following blood tests n all were normal:
1. Anti HCV
2. HBsAg
3. CBC
4. Urine
5. Glucose Random
6. Rubellla IgG
7. Rubella IgM
Also got the Histopathology done of the tissues from DnC n it was also normal n simply revealed that they were products of conception.
Note: I did slip in the wash room during my 1st pregnancy.

1 Normal Cycle After DnC i was advised to get my internal ultrasound done to check if the ovaries, uterus n all was fine. Everything was totally fine n the follicle was also gud. Follicle measurements were 18mm on the 14th day of my menstural cycle.
Some how i tried conceiving naturally for 3 months but it didnt work. Follicles were really gud, ovulation was also occuring, seman analysis report was also normal. The doctor said that v r probably missing out a chance. SO anyhow he gave me PROLIFIN tablets to be taken from the 2nd day of my periods till 5 days. N then on the 13th n 14th day he advised me to get my internal ultrasound done to check the follicle measurements. There was only 1 mature follicle (after taking prolifen tablets- they r basically like clomid). Follicle was 17.5 mm on the 13th day of my menstrual with really gud blood flow so the same day he gave me 5000 units of HCG injection to make sure that the folicle ruptures to release the egg n my chances of conception increase. Finally i conceived in this cycle.

2ND PREGNANCY:(missed abortion)
The starting date of my last periods this time was 26th July 2010. I got my first ultrasound done at 5 weeks and found that i was having IDENTICAL TWINS developed from a single follicle. They were basically MONOCHORIONIC DIAMNIOTIC TWINS. Twin pregnancy was futher confirmed at 7 weeks when 2 heart beats were found. Also got all my blood tests repeated n they were also normal. During this pregnancy i was being given the following supportive therapy:
But then again when i got my ultrasound done at 10th week, i found no heart beat n the baby had stopped growing at 9+ weeks.

Now my topic of concern is:

1. Shud i take loprin that is baby asprin as a profilactic treatment b4 conception. Some doctors advice it n some dont. I am confused.

2. Secondly my doctor has advised me the following supportive therapy when i concieve (conceive) next time:
1. FOLIC ACID 5 mg daily,
2. DUPHASTON tablets twice a day,
3. LOPRIN once a day,
4. HCG injection of 5000 units weekly,
Is it a gud supportive therpy. Shud i b satisfied with it.

3. Thirdly shud i get any futher investigations done b4 i plan to concieve (conceive). Any further blood tests or so?

4. N lastly although i have regular periods but still DnC does irregulate ovulation a bit. Since my follicles r always gud i am sure i dont need any fertility drug like clomid. But just to make sure that they rupture n result in a timely ovulation is it safe to just get a single dose of HCG injection? N since i know now that i have a tendency of concieving twins plz let me know if a single dose Hcg injection just to rupture the mature follicle, can it result in multiple pregnancies. What cud b the chances?

Lastly i want to start trying 2 conceive after my 1 normal cycle? is it ok? Plz helppppp
Jen- I go through that from time to time...and it's not about weight gain but literally I'll just randomly start retaining water. my best guess would be that your period is about to come back, but I'm just may be because of the little "burp" in breastfeeding you had when you thought you were going to have to wean Gil...but I'm not positive.
Thanks - I hadn't even thought about my period!  I mean....I still haven't had one yet and I know that it's got to come back eventually, but I really didn't consider that.  Hhhm....still no AF yet, but I have been feeling extra crabby and moody lately and have had the odd cramp, so maybe you're on to something there!!!
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