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FL and HL is Less than BPD ? Why ?
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FL and HL is Less than BPD ? Why ?

My wife is 34 weeks pregnent. I have gone though doppler test and sonography. As per the reprot.

BPD - 34 weeks
OFD - 34 weeks
FL - 31 Weeks
HL - 31 Weeks

( expect FL and HL every other parameter showing as 34 weeks)

Doctor says that lower part of the baby is less than the upper part. This might be, becuse of my height. I am 4 ft 9 inches, my husband 5 ft 8 inches.
But, in that total baby growth should be less ? why only arm and thigh bone are small?

Is baby normal ?
Is this cause any abnormalities ?

Please help me to avoid confusion? and to know the facts ?

Thank you so much.
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Measurements via ultrasound are not always accurate. They can be off by a week or so. Also, not sure why the leg/arm measurements would be smaller by 3 weeks. That is something you should discuss with your doctor. I'm not sure we have a sonogram technician on this particular forum that would have the knowledge to give you a good answer.
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Good luck with this...the numbers and abbreviations mean nothing to me, so I am of no help here BUT I just wanted to say that this sounds like something your doctor should go over with you to ease your concerns.  I'd call and ask or bring it up at your next appointment.
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