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Headache, Earache and toothache.
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Headache, Earache and toothache.

I don't have a regular doc and hope to find one soon now that students are no longer booking up the docs to get their manditory exams and vaccines.

It started with a slight earache.
I dunno what's causing it or why.
And then started with a toothache 3 days ago.
Well, it's not really a tooth ache, it's more like, like when you get braces and your teeth ache from being shifted. It's more in the upper gums/jaw/low cheek area like that, but ONLY on the right upper side..
And now it's causing me to have a headache.

The earache isn't constant.
It's kinda off n on for the past like week or so.
It doesn't HURT, but it hurts. If that makes any sense.
Like it's not an omg owe, it's more annoying than painful.
My ear feels stuffed up a little. It sounds muffled-ish when I hold the phone up to that ear.
I've never had an ear infection in my life. And the last time I had an earache was when I was 12 er 13. So I dunno if that could be what my problem is right now cuz I've never experienced one and dunno what to look for as for symptoms.

And the teethache is pretty uncomfortable.
It doesn't hurt when I chew or anything like that.
It doesn't hurt when I press on it with my fingers.
It actually feels better when I bite down hard. I've been chewing gum alot because it makes my teeth hurt less.
It doesn't feel like I have a cavity cuz I've had 4 in the past and I know what those feel like. It's not anything like a cavity.

My MIL said it could be a sinus infection, and now that I think about it, my nose was runny or stuffy alot last week. But it's fine now.
But like me not knowing about ear infections, I've also never had a problem with my sinuses in the past so I dunno what to look for in that either.
My nose is clear right now and I can comfortable breathe thru it. But last week it was very runny or stuffy and it hurt to breathe thru my nose.

Does anyone know what could be causing any of these things?
I'm 33 weeks if that helps.

I don't think it could be pregnancy related cuz my mom said she's never had anything like that due to pregnancy, and I didn't have any probs with my last pregnancy.

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have u gotten your wisdom teeth yet? your young like me and mine just started to come in and its suuuper annoying..hurts in my ear and gives me a headache but only on some days. and feels super good when i chew on stuff a baby teething lol. otherwise...could just be ur sinus's ...i dont think its an ear infection because that would bug the heck outta me.
Doesn't sound pregnancy related but it certainly wouldn't hurt to call your OB and let them know...they could rule out ear infections, strep, etc for you......While you are pregnant, they will see you for just about anything (at least they do in my area)....Good luck...hope all turns out well for you.
Riot: it sounds like either a toothache is causing all your issues or an ear infection is. I've had one or the other (at diff times) where it caused LOTS of pain like that.
I've got all of my wisdom teeth sept for the one on my right/lower side that's only half way in.
It hurts for a few days outta every few months and it comes in little by little and it's irritating.
It was hurting the other day and I thought at first that that's what was causing the discomfort in my mouth, but it stopped hurting the yesterday in that area, and the top right jaw area is still sore and that wisdom tooth is already all the way in.
I thought maybe my teeth were shifting cuz I haven't worn my retainer in a few days, but I put my retainer back in to see and they haven't budged. So it wasn't that.

It's like it's not even my teeth that hurt, it's like ABOVE my teeth. And pressure being put above my teeth when I bite down, make it feel better.
I dunno I was reading up on a little bit and it says the same nerves that are in your sinuses and ears are all connected to the nerves for your teeth and the area around them.

I think I might have sinus infection because I just read up about it and I have most of the symptoms of one.
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