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Im having signs that im getting my period but haven't gotten it yet...
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Im having signs that im getting my period but haven't gotten it yet.

Hi there,
im an 18 year old girl who is worrying about her period.My period is late but then again my period is irregular.I am sexually active but always use protection. There was no problems after having sex but there is always a chance i could be pregnant.I haven't been getting signs that i was getting my period and when i thought i got it, it turned
out to be this clear white discharge instead of my actual period.Im worried that i might be preg. Last month i got my period on the 22. My boyfriend suggest that its late because of my living conditions. I barely get any sleep, especially the past week( which is the week im suppose to get my period, no idea if it has anything to do with what going on.), i've haven't been eating as much as i should be, i eat mostly once a day. I know that this has affects my body in different way but i was wondering if it could also be the reason my period is late.

Can anyone please give me advice on what i should do at this point?
should i wait it out a few days? should i take a test? im really confused and need help!
Thanks! advice would be much appreciated!

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If you're late for your period then take a test now.  Your boyfriend is right to a certain degree, if you are under stress due to current living conditions, it very well may affect your period, as well as the poor diet.  I would go get a HPT and see what the results are.
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