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Lactation in EARLY Pregnancy?
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Lactation in EARLY Pregnancy?

I am TTC finally. I just have some confusion regarding Lactation. I do not know what forum to use due to the nature of lactation.

Some history:

Aug 2007-Dec2010: Yasmin, no problems
Dec 2010: NuvaRing (stopped due to migraines)
Jan 2011: Yasmin (missed 10 pills)
Feb 2011: Mini Pill (missed 1 pill)
Mar 2011: Pill-Free

Feb of 2011 I had one "regular" period and then one light 2-day period less than a week later.
Regular sex throughout

Negative HPT 3/3/11

I am LACTATING though! Lightly, but clear--> white milk.

Shall I be getting a blood test for pregnancy? See a hormone specialist? Very confused!

Cycle is irregular, and I have sex almost every other day so I don't know when to test!

I am a 23 year old healthy (not to active) 120lb 5'4'' female.

I had an MRI early Feb 2011 and found no problems (AKA Tumors in Pituitary gland)

Past Pregnancy: Negative test @ 7 weeks. Started Lactating at 15 weeks, no other symptoms.

Lactation possible symptom?
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It's possible it could be pregnancy, but your body is probably going insane due to all the different birth controls you were on in such a short span of time, coupled with taking them improperly. (missing pills and such) The first thing to do would be to even see if you're pregnant, and a blood test could definitely tell you that. It's possible to lactate even when not pregnant, and I know some women who have years after they've had children.
I agree with Clysta.  

It could be   a symptom, but if you've been pregnant before it could just be from the hormones in the birth control and nipple stimulation.  

A blood test isn't necessarily going to pick up before a urine test.  Many over the counter urine tests are more sensitive than the blood tests doctors use.  Many are even more sensitive than the urine test strips at the docs office.  

Honestly I think your body is thoroughly confused from all the switching of birth control methods.  Once your body has time to readjust to regulating the hormone production without the synthetic hormones the lactation may cease.  It could take several months for your body to fully readjust.  
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