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Never had tp throw up BUT my food comes back up & burns my throat~...
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Never had tp throw up BUT my food comes back up & burns my throat~

i was lucky to never had to throw up through my 6 months of pregnancy ...but very often, ive felt like something didnt sit well with me, and i will burp (which i never use to do before) , i burp alomst everything i eat or drink!! weird!
and when i do so food comes back up ...and when i swallow, i feel like this burning sensation, that just wont go away!! its constant,,,and no matter how many tums (i take like 1 or 2 ) that burning feeling just kills me~
any of you ladies feel that way...guess it just bad indegestion!~
grrrr i hate it  :(
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Sounds to me that you have acid reflux. Try the new tums powder, they work miracles. Or you can ask your doc about pepcid AC or some other type of antacid. I get heartburn really bad as well, and I like my tums powder lol.
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I do the pepcid about 30 min before I eat or around there. It has done me wonders with this pregnancy. Last time I wasn't so informed of what I could and couldn't take. Therefore Go Pepcid Go! Greatest stuff.
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That definitely sounds like hearburn or acid reflux (same thing)

They're both right about Tums, pepcid, Zantac is also safe. And now my doctor has me on Prilosec because after about 1-2 months those other methods didn't work for me.

Also, make sure you dont' eat or drink anything at least 2 hrs before going to bed.  What would happen to me was I'd eat too late, lay down and burp and the food would come up causing me to vomit.
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i remember your post about not being able to breathe well...i think it is all related.  there isn't much room in your tummy as you get further along and everything is squished.  starting in my 8th month (i was a late bloomer) this started with me.  even though my baby has dropped, i have it now more than ever!  although i am breathing better now.  it's awful and happens after i eat anything that is not incredibly bland or of extremely small serving size.  last night it even happened with corn on the cob--how can you get blander than that!!??!?!??  but anyway, what has helped me most is small servings throughout the day.  also, i've found warm milk to be soothing too it.  and, sitting on all 4s while watching hurts my necks, but helps with breathing better and the acid/heartburn...also helps get burps out--i used to be so lady-like before pregnancy!!  ha!  good luck girl!  i know it isn't pleasant at all.
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Yes, small meals and milk.  Zantac also is safe.  You could try chewing gum--I've read that this produces more saliva which neutralizes stomach acids.
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It's heartburn/acid reflux.

I have acid reflux anyway, and it has been sooooo awful since pregnancy.. I am going to ask my Dr. today about pepcid. I thought all I could do was eat tumms and I go through a bottle every couple days.. It's awful!!

Good luck to ALL of us!
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I've been having that alot lately and had an appt. yesterday and asked my Dr.  He said the try Pepcid.....Went to Walmart right after and tried one and it's HEAVEN!  I got the 20mg tabs....I was so miserable....couldn't even sleep b/c of it....So much better last night!  TUMS didn't work for me but it may be worth a try.
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Definitely sounds like bad acid reflux. I started getting it around 18 weeks and the burning was so excrutiating that it brought me to tears, and made me sweat!! It was unreal, I had no idea (I have so much more compassion for people w/acid reflux disease and GERD now!!). Tums did absolutely nothing, I may as well been chewing on air. My doctor prescribed me Zantac and it's worked wonders!! It prevents the symptoms from even starting by coating your stomach, and is considered one of the safer choices for acid reflux relief during pregnancy (besides Tums). And do chew gum immediately after a meal - it does promote saliva production which helps break down food. I hate to tell you but acid reflux often gets worse the farther along in your pregnancy, as the stomach gets more and more smooshed and food backs up into your esophogus. So do inquire a solution from your doctor if it continues to plague you.... acid reflux that goes on for too long can cause serious damage to your esophogus. Best wishes to you!

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