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On Antibiotics at 38+ weeks...
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On Antibiotics at 38+ weeks...

I'm currently 28w2d.
I went to see a doc on Wednesday because I've been having pain down in my "lower region" and my tummy.

I am 2cm dialated, but my cervix, she said is still very very thick.

I'm losing my mucus plug, and I've been having irregular contractions off an on.

I told the doc what's been going on.
She ran some tests on my urine, and did some sort of swab thing called "Step B" or "Strep B" or something like that??
And she said that I have a bladder infection, and a minor yeast infection.

I got confused because I've never had a yeast infection before and didn't even know I had one.
So she explained what it was, and told me she wanted me to go get monistat and eat yogurt.
She also perscribed me an antibiotic and pain killers for the bladder infection.

But it says not to take them if you're 38-42 weeks pregnant.
And I guess it's okay if your doc tells you to.

Now my prob. is,
I've NEVER been on antibiotics before, and I dunno what's supposed to happen while you're on them.

I feel absolutely HORRIBLE.
I feel like I have a COLD.
I'm sweating my a$$ off one moment, then I got the chills the next.
My head feels extremely heavy, and I feel like someone punched me in my eyes cuz they're bugging out on me and I can't exactly see very straight.
My body aches, and I just feel flat out LOUSY.

I thought antibiotics are supposed to make you feel BETTER??

The doc didn't tell me what to expect, so I dunno if this is something I should be concerned about, or something that I should expect to happen.

Has anyone else been on medication like this as far along as I am?
It worries me because #1, I HATE taking medication, pregnant or not.
and #2, As far along as I am, I can't help but think I'm harming my baby.

Any input from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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oops I put 28w2d, I meant 38w2d. lol Sorry!
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well  towards the  end of  my last pregnancy  i was one  anitbiotics due to have bronchitis  which then  turned to  pnuemonia (pneumonia). I  did  experience  some  side effects nothing   that bad as for the  Strep  B thing they  will just treat u  with  anitbiotics  when u are in labor  through an IV line . as for  pain  killers  have alot fo side  effects   You can tyenol  but   i wouldnt  know if that would help  since  i vant  take tyenol. that is the bst advice  i  can  give  u . If your Ob prescirbed then  meds then  most likely they are  safe  take but  again  if u are  questioning it u can always  call the  doctor
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Yeah the pain killers she gave me are specifically to treat pain for bladder infections.
But it's gross because it makes me pee orange. lol

I swear, the side affects of some of these medications are worse than the actual PROBLEM.

I had a symptom free bladder infection, and then she does this cathider thing, and now it DOES hurt to pee... so I gatta take those things.

And I'm on antibiotics to treat that symptom-free infection and now I feel like SH*T.
It's like wtf.
I think I would have rather just stuck with the original problem.

I hope I don't go into labor while I'm on this medication.
I feel so crappy and weak, I don't think I'd have the strength to deliver. lol
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