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Period was 11 days apart. Am I pregnant?
Hi there!
Thanks for answering my question.
I hope that I do not have anything to worry about.
My periods have been shorter over the past 8 months, going from 5 days to 3 or 4.
I haven't been too worried until now.
I had a 4 day period (Nov 26-29) and then, 11 days after, I had another 4 day period (Dec 10-13).
My periods have never been so close together before.
(My cycle was 14 days)
My second (most recent) period was pretty average in terms of flow, with a few clots and whatnot (sorry for the details).
I took the Plan B pill a week before my first period (Nov 19), although my fiance did not ejaculate inside of me.
It has been 12 days since my last period ended and I am feeling nauseous with dry heaves, although I have not thrown up.
While this might be correlated to an astronomical amount of stress for me over the past two weeks and only sleeping a few hours a night this past week, I am a bit concerned.
(I am a PhD student and it was Finals week so there was a lot of stress).
What would be the cause of my periods being so close together?
Is this "normal"?
What is the likelihood of a pregnancy?

Additional Information
My cycle is generally 26.75 days.
In the past, my shortest cycle was 25 days (7 months ago) and my longest has been 31 days (The period right before my short cycle- meaning that period was technically 4 days late).
My ovulation day was the day before my last period (the one that came 11 days after the last one).
Thinking my past period was odd and fearing early implantation bleeding, I took a ClearBlue Digital pregnancy test on the first day of my last period, which came back negative.
It was taken around 11:00 AM.
I have had an increased appetite, although it could be stress induced.
I am not experiencing breast tenderness.
I have had clear sticky vaginal discharge yesterday and today, at a normal amount.
I am 22 years old.

A Note To You:
Thank you SO MUCH for your time and consideration in answering my question.
As I was looking through past responses on this site, I was taken back by how thoughtful everyone is in helping people like myself who have honest concerns.
I appreciate your responses more than I can express.
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While I'm not a doctor and definitely don't know much about sudden cycle changes, I do know that stress can have a HUGE impact on your body. I would guess that it's entirely possible that your cycles are out of whack due to that alone. However, since it sounds like you took the pregnancy test the day after you ovulated (?), that would definitely be too soon to tell. Try taking one again now or when you think you should be having another period.

I would say if the abnormal cycles continue, you might want to see a doctor. Good luck!
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