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Spotting at 25 weeks pregnant?
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Spotting at 25 weeks pregnant?

Hi, i'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and just last night experienced a vaginal bleed (only spotting).

I went to the toilet last night, there was NO blood in my underwear, but after i finished "peeing" i gave my self aa wipe and there was a very small smear of blood on the toilet paper (about 3mm long) so VERY small...i was a bit shocked and then wiped again with new toilet paper and again another small smear around the same size appeared...I was concerned and did it again then NOTHING....So i only got those two VERY small little smears and have nothing else since! I am normally a very big worrying and i always go to the dr's at a drop of a hat, but my partner is sick of me always going there...i went in just A WEEK AND A HALF AGO and got and Ultrasound because my baby wasn't moving as much as normal...The Ultrasound turned out normal and teh baby was 100%fine!

I have NO idea what caused that spotting, i can't even say it's because of sex, because my partner and i have not had sex in 3 weeks...ALSO, i do NOT finger myself (sorry for too much information) NOR do i use any sex toys...

Do you think i should go to the DR?
Or should i just stay home and stop worrying about it? Because my Ultasound a week and a half ago was EXCELLENT!?

HELP :-(

Additional info:
This is my second baby,
I have never had a MISCARRIAGE in my life, nor have i ever had any previous pregnancy complications...
My baby is moving around fine as i type this message.

Thanks :)
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