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What to bring to the hospital
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What to bring to the hospital

I am 35 weeks and trying to pack my bags. I don't want to be that type of person that brings in more then needed. What are the necessities for me, baby, and daddy to be to bring? This is my first baby and I want  to be prepaired.
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Hi shell,well im tryin for my 5th baby so i have experience there.For urself you need say to pairs of pjs,underwear a few incase of accidents large maxi pads and say a tracksuit for day your leaving,oh and dont forget things to clean yourself with.For baby you will need babysuits vest little mittens to stop baby scratching it self and nappies,thats all really hospital should have formula and they usually give baby first bath so the hospital should have the stuff for that.Best of luck.
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Its better to be safe that sorry, but you want to feel comfortable.

  You will need the following maternity clothes in the hospital.
   Comfortable day clothes like loose gowns, t-shirts, etc.*
    Underwear and nursing bras (disposable or regular)
    Bathrobe (I liked a zip up one)
    Going home outfit (one that fitted when you were 5-6 months pregnant)
    Slippers, shoes, socks(with the skid stickys so you dont slip and slid while walking)
    Sweaters, hoodies, hats, scarves (in winter)

Toiletries:(Travel size)
    Toothpaste and toothbrush
    Soap, shampoo, body lotion*
    Extra large or maternity sanitary pads* Hospital normally provides
    Hair comb or brush
    Hair clips, hair band or barrettes
    Lip balm, moisturizer or make up

    Picture ID, insurance card.
    Birth plan (if available)
    Blankets and pillows* (I had hubby leave in car )
    Money, loose change
    Light reading material, music, etc
    Cellphone with charger (if allowed)
    List of telephone numbers to contact

    Installed infant car seat
    Nappies or baby diapers(disposable or cloth ones)* Hospital normally provides
    Wipes  Hospital normally provides
    Baby clothes(2 sizes nb, 0-3), socks and hats Remember for hospital pics too
    Baby toiletries like soap, shampoo, lotions, moisturizers, etc.(travel size)
    Baby blankets and rugs

I know it seems like a lot but you will be thankful when you are sitting in that room and wish you had some of things thing, because I know my hubby got irritated for when I kept sending him home for things LOL. Congrats and good luck
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The less the better.  With my daughter i just wore hospital gown and brought a housecoat to cover when i was walking the hallways.  I brought slippers, a comfy track suit to go home in,  a few outfits for the baby, diapers and wipes.  When you leave you will be bombarded with free samples and pamphlets (too much to leave with.
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For you:
Couple pairs of underware that are comfy and you can wear a pad with
Your own panty liners (pads) because the ones the hospital give you are awful. The overnight ones work best because your lying down or reclined a lot.
I don't take a nursing bra, but a nursing tanktop with the built in bra so I can sleep in it and be able to have easy access for baby. (I take two)
A few pairs of socks
A nursing gown or robe if you plan on having visitors.
A really comfy outfit for the trip home.
The usual travel stuff like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, brush, hair tie, chap stick,
I take a small makeup bag with the basics so I feel a little more human when we take pictures or people stop by.

All in all your stuff should fit into a small overnight or duffle bag.

For baby:
Two going home outfits (take a spare because you never know when there might be a poop or spit up issue)
Light blanket and hat for baby
The hospital will give you the diapers, wipes, lotion, pacifer, bottles and everything else.
Your boppy if you plan on nursing
You can leave this stuff in the car until after the baby is born that way your not moving it from room to room.

For dad:
Phone charger
change of clothes and his overnight bag
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I was actually doing research online on this topic the other day and stumbled across an ob/gyn's answer, which you can look at here if you're interested:  One of the recommendations of hers I remembered was a breastfeeding pillow, so don't forget that! Hope you find it helpful :)
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