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implantation or not ????
Hi I have to ask .. I just got married a month ago
My piriod came last month on 22 and ended the 27
I eas intamate with my husband the 7th of oct one of my furtal
Days .. the 14  I felt something runing down my thigh when I look
I was bleeding it was runny i paniced becuase my piriod isnt due till
The 25 th of this month when i went to the bathroom and cleaned my self up
I had what looked like discharge with strings of blood
And that was it no more bleeding very light cramping . I have
Been feeling sore in my lower back and I felt like my
Uterus streching kinda (thats what it felt like) and I have sometimes
Clear or white discharge I feel super tired and sleepy
I feel a little bit of a stomach ace and a little bit od nausia
That comes snd goes .. please help!!
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