2 days late, sore nipples, and minor cramping but no period
by Grumpy 4 Life, Jul 09, 2007
I have been trying to conceive in the past months, my boyfriend and I decided to stop trying and we did. On July 7th my period never came and now its almost July 10th still no period, but ,y nipples are tender, and I have minor cramping with minor discharge. Could I be pregnant?
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by hopefully mother of 3, Jul 09, 2007
Of course you could be, the only way to know is to take a test. If you are one of the lucky ones than you could test positive by now since you are already late for AF. Unfortunately, I am going on ten days late and tested negative this morning. Either way, don't worry about the test results if they say negative. If you continue to not get your period than you still stand a chance. On the other hand, you could just be having an off cycle and just be a couple days late. Hopefully it's not that hand. LOL Keep us posted
by amberd5191, Jul 09, 2007
Take a test and keep us posted! Good Luck!
by mooboo35, Jul 10, 2007
take a test   let us know  good luck
by ruthywolf, Jul 10, 2007
I would say it sounds likely compared to my experience. I had the same symptoms with both my kids and also this pregnancy. I remember nipple,breast tenderness being the first sign. I also spotted for a few months after I was pregnant. My first few pregnancy tests were negative but I was pregnant, so if one turns up negative wait a few weeks and take another, good luck!
by Grumpy 4 Life, Jul 10, 2007
thanks guys I am hoping........ the dr wants me to take a blood test tomorrow but is that to soon? Especially today I have been having a very thin odorless discharge. could that be a sign as well? I am hoping I am because I have endometreosis, i would be psyched so anyone could help please do...
by Grumpy 4 Life, Jul 16, 2007
I have some new infor now...... on July 11, I took a first response test and it came back positive, the drs office did another urine test and that came back positive. So needless to say I am 6weeks pregnant, and have my first ultrasound on july 26... i am very excited as well as my boyfriend. Thanks for all the feedback.
by KaTiElYnE, Oct 30, 2008
Hey, im only 17-18 soon and i am 4 days late for my period this month, its very weird coz normally there spot on!. my symptoms are sore nipple's cramps, headaches and tiredness! i dont know what to do im to scared to do a test cause i kno if i am my boyfriend and family will make me get rid of it! but im totally againts having an abortions as i cant stand loosing something on purpose if it is ment to be! please help me =(
by reborn2304, May 12, 2009
Sorry to say this, but you should not be having sex if you are not married and do not want children.  Sex is not just some fun thing to do, it is supposed to be something God created to be special in marraige.  And nowhere else.
by rasher, May 12, 2009
I think she wanted advice not a lecture !!!!!!!!! And of course u can have sex before marriage ,u don't have to b married, but i suppose u r one of these religious people that was brought up fearing sex. OMG People like u just make me sooooo mad!!!! And by the way SEX is fun .