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Am I pregnant?

hello there, I have been asking these same questions for over 2 weeks now but I can't seem to have a good explanation.. I can't afford going to the doctors now since I am only 17 years old and not from the US.

But I have a concern I need to ask, please help me out, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED

I am 17 years old, I had intercourse on November 5 and was also the part of my ovulation. My cycle is 35 and regular. I had my last period on Oct 19. I was supposed to have it on the 24 or so.. But I haven't

My boyfriend and I used condoms and withdrawal ( withdraw before ejaculation ) although I am fully aware that it is not a hundred percent effective.

Also I tested 4 days before  my period was due and came out negative. After that a week after my late period it was still negative and the 2nd... But its really worrisome because I still don't have my period... what is going on...?

Also about my cervical mucus:

It is white, sticky or sometimes creamy and thick.. back 3 days ago... I have checked today and found it to be more dry but found a blob of it transparent or translucent tinge of yellow. ( and I have been monitoring it for weeks now, before my period I had clear thick discharge then bloby transparent then occasionally getting white and what I have mentioned above. also it seems to proceed on drying more.

Cervical Position:
Easy to reach and soft to hard but more hard than that of soft.
moist and a bit slippery on the hole ( sorry TMIs )

Back then when I am checking my cervical mucus it was close to the above explanation although its more wet or a bit of eggy white but not too noticeable ( maybe from me sticking it that would make it some lubrication )

I also had a massive stress attack on November pertaining to my studies, my boyfriend, emotionally stressed and worried about this period of mine not coming and waiting for weeks but still nothing!!!!

oh and for early symptoms..
I seemed to be more tired and more sleepy back a week ago, like when I got home from school I just went to bed and dozed off no problem. I have these little back cramps and something curdling on my abdomen. and on the other day I drank parsley tea and had cramps, I thought I was having my period but nothing came... About breast tenderness I had none also my areolas doesn't seem any bigger or darker.

Just backaches, little curdling on my abdomen, something blocking my throat like some phlegm or something and nothing more...

I am almost 3 weeks late... should I worry that I am pregnant or how so what percentage that I am and how likely that I am not?

I also got another negative on Dec 8...

what is wrong with my body D;
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Honestly, we can't say if you are pregnant. The odds are that no, you're not. IF your protection didn't fail you have a 2-5% chance (give or take) Your symptoms, cervical mucous, position... None of those are helpful. Your cervix changes multiple times a day position wise, as well as how it feels.

Symptoms tell nothing because you don't need them to be pregnant, so having them doesn't mean you are.

It IS common (and normal) to just miss a cycle, even if its not for you. It happens to every female at some point in her life, and you stressing so much about it can very well be making it even later. You've had multiple negative tests, which at this point would be positive if you were pregnant because you would be 6 weeks and some odd days (around 6 weeks 3 days) pregnant if you were.
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I do hope so that i am not... i'm still not ready.. but we did every precaution there ia not to spill anything from the condom..

It has been 36 days since my last af.. and 19 days late for my period....

I have not tested for this week yet.. i dont know if i should still or not worry..

I am having menstrual like feeling but not cramps in my abdomen.. i do hope i get it on my next scheduled period..

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