Could Clear/White Discharge be sign of pregnancy??
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by l-chez, Aug 26, 2007
Clomid was taken on cycle day 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 (Aug 6-10).  I believe I ovulate around the 16 or 17th day of my cycle.  I have a 29 to 30 day cycle and I should start my period on 8/28 or 8/29.  I noticed a (sorrry to be graphic) >pea-sized clump of white discharge while ago when I stopped by the restroom.  I went ahead and took a hpt at that point, it was completely negative!  Breast aren't sore, not nauseated-but I hear that nausea is not the very first sign of pg.  But that white discharge was a brand new thing to me!!!  Could I be pg?  And congrats to you!  I bet this is IT!!!  :)  Baby dust...
by megK24, Aug 26, 2007
I took soooo many hpt's this time--I started last Monday--all were negative until this weekend--the day before I was supposed to get my period, so don't get discouraged yet.  I'm not familiar with possible side effects of Clomid--could discharge be one of them?  I found a site that says "hostile cervical mucas" could be a side effect to clomid--here's the site:

Also, lack of cm is a side effect:

In regards to clomid, clomiphene citrate can, as a side effect, cause a decrease in the volume of cervical mucus or produce hostile cervical mucus, according to scientific studies. As Dr. J Ellington, the creator of Pre-Seed writes, "numerous studies have shown that clomid can cause a decreases cervical mucus volume.... and [and] quality." This means that:

    * Women taking clomid are much more likely to have “hostile” cervical mucus - which provide a barrier to sperm transport and may not provide the protective shield that fertile cervical mucus provides.
    * Women on clomid have increased vaginal dryness - again, subverting fertility and causing discomfort during sex.

I found that info at:

Also, I don't really have that obvious of pregnancy symptoms either--except for everytime i get pregnant, I get one or two very painful pimples on my face--that's been a sure sign for me!  My fingers are crossed for you!!! Let me know what happens!  Try to wait until the 29th or 30th to take another test.  I know this sounds cheesy, but maybe try meditating a couple of times a day--that helps me (I only started doing that after all my miscarriages--it helps keep the stress levels down--that or yoga/stretching).  Baby dust to you as well!
by Veronica25, Aug 29, 2007
Hi  My Name is Veronica and I am 18 years of age.I have a 1 year old little girl who will be 2 years old in 3 months.There's been a couple of times where I thought I could be pregnant again.But the answer would be negative.But that was months ago when my daughter was much smaller.Right now I have been having alot of white discharge yesturday and today.The discharge that I had yesturday stinked.And the discharge that I am having today does not stink at all.But the one that I am having today is really thick.And I am very sorry for being so open about it.But along with that discharge I also feel wet.Yesturday my panties were wet when I had the discharge.I just got over my period like about 1 week ago or 2 I think (i am not sure).My husband asked me yesturday If I was pregnant and I told him no.which Is the truth because other then the discharge I don't have any symptons.But my husband and I have intercourse without protection and he always ejaculates outside of my vagina.So I really do not know what is going on.Sometimes I get concerned if I may be pregnant or not and sometimes I just don't worry.I would really appreciate if someone can answer me.And maybe give me some advice.I would really appreciate it.

Thank You
by asmit49, Sep 01, 2007
Hi all! My husband and I are trying to conceive. I am 7days post-ovulation. Which means I have about 7 days until I am supposed to get my period. Or shall I say 7 days until a home pregnancy test will work! Lol. I work for an OB/GYN so I am very familiar with pregnancy and what to expect. What's normal and what's not so normal. But although I have that advantage, it still seems new now that I'm the one trying to get pregnant. Today I went to eat lunch with my cousin and I almost cancelled. I was so dizzy, nauseated, and just didn't feel right. And when I went to the bathroom tonight I noticed some mucus when I wiped. Mucus can be a sign of pregnancy. It is important to remember what your mucus was like the month before, when you know you weren't pregnant. If everything this month is the same as before, then you shouldn't rely on mucus as being an indicator of pregnancy. Usually, before you miss a period pregnancy symtoms are rare, if none at all. I think most people just want to be pregnant so badly that they "talk" themselves into having symptoms. I know I have done it! And unfortunately, most of the early symptoms of pregnancy go hand in hand with the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. (Sore boobs, feeling tired and hungry, etc.) So it's hard to distinguish between them. The best and only sure way of getting an answer is waiting until the day you are supposed to start. Although it is SO tempting, there is no need to go out and buy tests a week before your period is due. Honestly, they don't work that early. But hey, look on the bright side for all the money you can save! That should make the hubbys happy. Lol. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to ask! I am praying that I have one of God's miracles growing inside me right now and I my prayers are with you all too. Having previously had a miscarriage four months ago, I know how hard all of this can be. The anticipation of waiting for that little pink line to show up on a pregnancy test can sometimes seem like an eternity. Just know that everything is in God's control and He will bring all of us our bundle of joy when He is ready. Happy baby making!!
by babygirl9292, Sep 02, 2007
heyyy well i started my period 04/08/07 and it woz tha normal heavy flow dat i have lastin 7days but bcoz i woz gettn sik ov these constant heavy flows i went 2 my doc and he put me on the pill on the 13/08/07 and on 23/08/07 i had unprotected sex wiv my bf and he ejaculated in me im not sure if ders any chance if i wud have been ovulating at this time as i am usualy a 30-31 day cycle.. also wot woz very strange 4 me woz i started my period agen on 26/08/07 but it onli lasted 2days on and off from bein quite red and heavy but den suddenly went pink and 4 tha last 2days it woz jus rele dark brown and pink wen i wiped so overal my period lastin about 4-5days wich is very strange 4 me i dont kno wetha that had anyfin wiv me bein put on the pill or not but basically im concerned that i might b pregnant bcoz im experiencing heavier discharge wich is a creamy color and i neva have alot ov discharge jus afta my AF i have also been experienceing low abdomal cramps but no otha symptoms apart from 2nyt my sweet tooth woz goin crazy n i had 2 go get a biscuit wich is rele unlike me! so im rele concerned so if sum1 cud plz write bac 2 me it wud b really apreciated thanx alot =] x x
by Princesssss, Sep 02, 2007
Hi, 15 months ago I sadly had a molar pregnancy and have been ttc for 5 months now (since we had to wait about a year to try again). Well I am due for my period in a week and the past 2-3 days I have had clear odorless discharge. Is that a pregnancy sign? I know I could wait a week and if I don't start I could take a test, but when your ttc a week feels like an eternity.

"Just know that everything is in God's control and He will bring all of us our bundle of joy when He is ready. Happy baby making!! "

This really touched me, thank you. I too hope I have one of God's miracles growing inside me. I wish the best for you too.
by daprincess21, Sep 03, 2007
You should keep me posted with what you find out! i am sround the same time frame as you and i have had the same discharge. i aslo had some brownish orange discharge at around 7dpo. hoing that was implantion bleeding all tho i never got that with my last pregnancy. i have sore bb's and heartburn bad! (my sister who is an ob nurse said heartburn wouldnt be a sign yet) but i never have it! not really any other symptoms. thinking about testing bout you? let me know and keep me posted my email is daprincess21@
by daprincess21, Sep 03, 2007
i spaced the email so it would show space tho after the @ ! best of luck!
by asmit49, Sep 03, 2007
Sorry to hear about your molar, what a time you must have gone through. Glad you are trying again though! I am sure things will be fine the next time around. You are right about not wanting to wait to take the test, it sure does feel like an eternity!! They do have the tests that possibly work 4 days before your missed period. (5 days sooner is what they say, but they are including the day of your period as the day 5). So you could take one of those a few days early and give it a whirl. But there is a good chance you could get a false negative. Your body really needs to have at least 20-25 HCG hormone. And in most cases women don't reach this level until the missed period. But it could work, it does happen. As for the discharge was it clear and much like a egg yolk in its consistency much like ovulation mucus? Or was it just clear discharge simlilar to regular discharge?

by Princesssss, Sep 04, 2007
Hi, thanks for replying back. It's clear and odorless like regular discharge, but I don't usually have it like that, so I was hoping maybe that was a pregnancy sign?? Thanks for your time and help.