Faint positive blue line on 'clear blue', Negative First response?
by W123, Mar 01, 2011
After waiting near enough all day i took a Clear blue pregnancy test, in less then a minute i looked and saw it was negative. However about 5 mins later i looked again and it had a faint blue line going down turning the negative line into a cross. Later that night after feeling the constant need to pee i took another pregnancy test this time i used a first response and it came out negative. I have one test left now and it is a clear blue which i'm saving for a few days. I have discharge, tenderness in my lower belly and constantly need a wee. I also woke up yesterday feeling really sick, and feel hungry very quickly after meals. I have been pregnant before but i sadly miscarried. The only thing that made me think i could be pregnant is the tenderness in my belly, hunger and need to wee! Could someone please help me. Last time i discovered i was pregnant i used a first response test and it showed positive very quickly although it was a faint line. However this time it seams the clear blue is saying positive and the first response is saying negative! Helpppp please! Has this happened to anyone else? Could i be pregnant?
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by mami2karina, Mar 01, 2011
The blue dye tests are notorious for false positives. I suggest getting a test with pink dye like a First Response. Good luck!
by kamil119, Mar 01, 2011
She's right, I would only trust the pink dye ones
by 30something13, Mar 01, 2011
I do nto know why they dno't stop making the blue dyes! THey ahve been known for false + for 17 years that I know of!

FYI with a pink dye you are more likely to have a false neg as apposed to a false positive
by momof1princess, Mar 01, 2011
I agree with the others. I have had my own experience with blue dye test and false +'s. Are you late for your period? I have only every gotten a faint + early with a first response when I was about 2 days before my period was due. Which is the case with this pregnancy. Also took a digital that night after holding my pee for 6 hrs and it said pregnant. Then had a blood test at the hospital after my accident and it was positive as well. I would use first morning urine and a first response and try again. Throw away the blue dye test!
by W123, Mar 04, 2011
I dont know when my periods are as i miscarried in November. This morning when i got out the bath i though i had come on my period but when i looked down i saw liquidy, white, millky discharge and it hasnt stopped since! Could that be a sign ? Apart from that no other symptoms ? !
by W123, Mar 04, 2011
Oh apart from BAD HEAD RUSH every time i stand up !
by anne904, Dec 04, 2012
Need help took a clear blue plus test im 5 days over due took a preg test in the docs when i was 3 dod it was neg took 1 at 5 dod an after 4 mins i could see a faint faint line i was ready to dispose of it when i noticed it not sure if this is a pos result or a false positive been trying for 8 months now and my periods are usully every 26 days never late dont no what to think