I'm 2 weeks late.. no symptoms.. could I be pregnant?
by kristy2664, Jul 21, 2008
I am 22 years old, and my last period was June 7, 2008. It is now July 21, 2008, and I still don't have my period. Usually when I am close to my time of the month, my breasts swell, and often get tender, and I feel crampy and get bloated. But not this time. My breasts feel and look the same, but I am more lathargic than ever, and often can't sleep, and wake up a lot in the middle of the night feeling hot and bothered. I feel full of anxiety at times, but have a lack of energy. The only thing that is normal, is that I am starting to break out a little around my mouth and chin with some acne. But other than that, I feel pretty much the same, just 2 weeks late. My boyfriend and I don't have the safest sex... we only use the "pull out" method. I know I deserve a slap for that one for sure, but the only good thing is that we are the only partners that we each have. We pretty much live together and see eachother every day. I know that we are careful. But if anyone has a comment .. please help.  Thank you...

p.s. I also took a HPT a week ago and it was negative, but I'm about to spend another $20 to buy 2 more... I'm freaking out.

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by spade22, Jul 21, 2008
Could you be pregnant?  Yes, the pull-out method is not an effective means of birth control.

Are you pregnant?  Only the test will tell.  Good luck.
by KM604, Jul 21, 2008
You could definitly be pregnant and the test just didn't pick it up yet because your body may not have produced enough of the pregnancy hormone (hcg).  I would make sure you test in the morning with first morning urine.  If you get another negative, I would call your doctor and request a blood test to be sure.  Have you been stressed lately? Lost a lot of weight?  Those are reasons why you could have just missed a period.  I was on birth control for almost 7 1/2 years and actually missed 2 periods (not in a row) for whatever reason.  I always took them on time too (I know your not on your period but it's just proof that period may not show for whatever reason).  So take another test and call your doctor either way to be sure.
by kristy2664, Jul 24, 2008
I haven't had anything crazy occur in my life recently. But I am having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I wake up all the time, and I am never like that! But yesterday I noticed my breasts are beginning to swell. That is usually a sign of my period.. but that is all I have gotten.. nothing else. So I took , yet again, another HPT 2 days ago, and it was negative. I am going to get a blood test tonight. Wish me luck... ****.
by forecast07, Jan 11, 2010
im 15, mt and my boyfriend practices safe sex.i think the condom broke, but i didnt mind it. i didnt feel a change... but now i'm two weeks late on my period what do i do?
by jollie2010, Jul 18, 2010
hello, we has sex two days after i was done with menus. the condom broke so we got a plan b about an hour later. My period is two weeks late help!!!!!!!!
by ams93, Jan 04, 2011
I am also 2 weeks late and I took a test a week ago and it was a negative and then I took one tonight and it is still negative. I broke up with my boyfriend (for reasons that are not goin to be spoken of) but we did have unsafe sex but he also pulled out. Im about to go crazy. I have no symptoms of my period at all or being pregnant except my breasts hurt a little (more every now and then). please help.
by Miller1234, Aug 20, 2011
I took three pregnancy test. All negative. I am two weeks late for my period, I'm putting on weight eating more than usual my breast are sensitive and I have  been very tired. My period every month is always on time. I start cramping periodically like I am going to start but nothing comes. How long should I wait before taking another test
by Justicexox, Dec 04, 2011
My last period was october 23rd and its december 4th i been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend and i been breaking out with acene around my mouth and chin plus been feeling tired and have headaches for nothing during the day and lower back aches and feel pains above my vagina could i be expecting?