questions about pregnancy after depo
by kate1130, Jul 02, 2012
So i have been on the depo shot for 2 years i was suppose to get the shot in june of this year but decided i was finally going to get off it because of the weight gain and because me and my husband would like to try for a baby. I have heard that it can take months to years to be able to get pregnant after getting off the depo. I know everyones body is different but feeling i need some answers. When i started the depo i immediately quit having periods, and still dont have my periods now that im off the shot. They say if you miss your period is a sign of pregnancy but how can you tell when you havent had one in 2 years? Also i was told i had bacterial vaginosis and for some reason it wont go away even after taking meds. I was told that could also make things difficult to concieve. But for some odd reason here lately the past week i keep feeling sick off and on, every time i sneeze i feel like im going to pee and sometimes accidently pee a little bit, i get weird small headaches,my stomach is tender to put pressure on and hard to lay on, im always feeling tired and constantly drained,and ive been having alot of moments where i lash out at people and my temper is short. I havent taken a home pregnancy test yet but held off on it because when i felt like this before and took one it came out negative and when i had a blood test taken they told me i had a thyroid but didnt really say whether i was pregnant or not and that was something i told them to check for. Please help, i think im pregnant but confused.
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by Liss817, Jul 02, 2012
I was on depo for 6 years when I decided to stop getting it bc my doctor said she doesn't like to keep her patients on it for more than 5 years. she told me it would take at least 6-18 months to get pregnant after stopping. I was going to let the depo get out of my system before I started something new. I started spotting about a month later which lasted a day and went away so I didn't think it was my period because it also can take awhile for your period to start again. I found out I was pregnant about 2 months after stopping depo. now I'm 33+ expecting a boy in Aug. so sometimes it doesn't take that long to get pregnant but I would test. but if you haven't got your period back I'm not sure if you could be. but good luck! I hope you get what you want.
by Capriciousangel31, Jul 02, 2012
I was only Depo for one shot and then started birth control to get my cycles back on track. it took almost 2 years for me and my husband to get pregnant
by Aaron_N_SophiasMommy, Jul 02, 2012
I would take a test just to make sure. If its negative then next month or when ever try to get to know your period from what I've been told and my own experience after birth control and having a baby your period can and probably will change, my period was always 28 days lasting 3 days light to medium flow. After I had my son in January of '09 it took about 3 months to get my period back and up till nov '11 my period was irregular and very heavy lasting 5-7 days. And that was without takin any bc for those 2 years.
by Mom_2_Be_4, Jul 02, 2012
I was on depo for 4yrs it took me 7months after I became prego and I'm now 15weeks.. Everybody is different they say it can take from 7months to 1yr to pregnant but as soon as you start getting your period two months or so back to back your start back releasing eggs but I would take a test you would never no til you try.. But good luck and I hope this helps. Baby Dust!!!!!
by tiphoni97, Jul 02, 2012
I was on depo for 6 years. I didn't get my period for a year. Finally my doctor gave me mess to get my cycle back and on track. 2 yrs later I miscarried. That was 2010. Today, I'm 6 weeks & 4 days and saw the baby's heart beat! My friend was on depo, quit after 1 yr, and became pregnant the next month. Everyone is different. Know your body and keep ur Doc informed! Things will work out. Take a test.
by LovemyKids86, Jul 02, 2012
I was on depo for 2 years…got off of it back in 2005 due to weight gain, I didn't get my period back for almost a whole year after getting off of it.Alot of the "symptoms" or "signs" you are having may be due to hormones trying to balance back out. The Depo is very harsh on the body and one of the hardest birth control methods to get all the hormones from the birth control out of the system, it takes longer than any other birth control. It took me 2 years to fall pregnant after stopping the depo, but everyone is different…take a test and see what it says it should be accurate or get a blood test to count HCG in the blood

Good luck
by kate1130, Jul 03, 2012
Thank you guys sooo much for the advice. I went to the health clinic and got a urine test done. It came out negative but the lady said sometimes it doesnt show in your urine right away to maybe get a blood test which some of you have suggested. I think im going to get one done. The lady also said if i havent had a period since i started the shot and havent had one since ive been off that you have to wait usually until your period comes back to get pregnant, does anyone have any insight on this? My husband and i tried for a kid before i went on depo and we had trouble concieving, now i am afraid that since im off it and the depo causes more complications how much longer will it take to have our very first child.
by Liss817, Jul 03, 2012
I agree with the lady at the clinic. I'm not sure but I don't think you can get pregnant until your period starts again because depo makes you stop releasing eggs and stops you from ovulating. And if you haven't got your period back or even any spotting you may not be ovulating again so you can't get pregnant. I would talk to you doctor because they can run tests and see if you see ovulating again.
by galvanfer, Sep 03, 2012
my girlfriend took the depo shot and shes been getting upset cuz she wants to get pregnant how should i help and do you ladies have a tips