unusually late period but negative pregnancy test?
by ktl, Nov 01, 2003
Hi! It's my first time posting--hello everyone!
Just have a question that someone might be able to help with...
Ever since I got married I have had a VERY regular 28 day menstrual cycle--never late, never early.
We are trying to get pregnant, and today I am at least five to six days late for my period.
I did a pregnancy test this morning that came up negative.
How reliable is that result since I usually have such a normal cycle?
I don't have any other symptoms besides frequent urination and butterflies in my stomach that could just be from the excitement of the whole situation.
So I guess my question is whether or not it is "worth it" to take another pregnancy test; if so, when; or, what else could even be the cause of such a delay in my usually predictable period?
Thanks for any comments, etc!
Katie L.
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by prego23, Nov 01, 2003
hello there,
i would wait a little bit longer then get tested again, a blood test would be more accurate! that way you will know for sure!
when i first got pregnant i went to the dr and got tested every week each of them come back negative then i finally went in for a blood test and found out i was 5 and a half weeks along, a blood test would settle this for sure!
by chey101, Nov 01, 2003
any kind of stress can delay your period
by CRISSYchris, Nov 02, 2003
In september i waas due to start my cycle on 9/11/03 I did not come on until 9/21/03 I thought I had concived also, so yes just wait it could just be cycle change, or stress.
by shannonSchiller, Nov 02, 2003
You start menst. about 14 days after ovulation, so if you ovulated late this cycle due to stress sickness or just because, your period would come late.  It could also mean your preggo!
by nickncats, Nov 02, 2003
I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but my last cycle was 36 days and the one before it was 29, so I kept testing thinking I was, but then AF reared her ugly head!  Anyway, don't keep wasting money on testing- wait a few days before testing again, or as suggested go to the doctor for a blood test.  Take care!
by hoping4baby, Nov 13, 2003
Just putting my two cents in on this issue, because I'm having this problem right now. I'm 34 and have an 11 year old from a previous marraige.  My periods have been every 28 days, literally to the minute.  Now here I sit, nearly a full week late, and I break down to buy one of those HPT's and the thing comes out negative.  I keep feeling like I'm going to get my period and after day.  I'll post again with the blood test results, because I'm going in for one tomorrow.  Obviously from the other posts, it can be possible to test negative on an HPT but then positive with a blood test (that's what I'm secretly hoping).  When I took a preg test for my son years ago, I swear the 2nd line showed up even before the urine hit the stick! LOL
by faithful7403, Nov 25, 2003
I am kind of in the same boat. My last menstral cycle was in September .. and it is now Nov. 25 and still nothing. I feel pregnant, but I just took a blood test yesterday and it came up negative. How odd huh? I don't know what to do about it. I know that I am pregnant and definitely feel it. I have had one prior pregnancy, and hope this is another one. Can blood tests be wrong ?
by Frenchy_13, Nov 26, 2003
I think  His gorgeous Angel is living proof that tests can come up negative and you could still be pregnant.  She first posted on 11/10 saying the tests were negative then posted on 11/21 saying that she is 3 months pregnant.  So, there is always hope.  Good luck and keep us posted.
by laziah, Dec 07, 2003
My last period was on October 29, 2003 my periods prior to that were Sept.29,2003 and Aug 31,2003, they all lasted for 5 days. I tracked my fertile days for three months and was sure that I ovulated on Nov 12,2003 I had all the ovulating symptoms. I also had unprotected sex on Nov 11,2003. I went to the doctor on Dec.1,2003 and they gave me both a urine and blood pregnancy test that came back negative. I've been having mild cramps from time to time but I really don't feel pregnant. My stomach is still flat and I always feel empty other than that I'm normal. What are my chances of still being pregnant?