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I had my little girl Chloe! 2nd April 2010, 8lb 14oz
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I had my little girl Chloe! 2nd April 2010, 8lb 14oz

Chloe!  2nd April 2010, 8lb 14oz

Chloe's arrival felt like forever!

I went to bed on 31st March with quite bad period pain which I took as an early warning, little did I know that it wasn't that early a warning.

Woke up at 2.30 thinking I needed to pee, stood up and whoosh, joggers completely soaked through all the way to ankles (luckily we thought to put the protective mattress sheet on the bed that night!) Contractions properly started immediately.

Sorted myself out and shook hubby awake (who took ages to wake as he though I was still in bed trying to stop him snoring  )

Rang the labour ward who asked us to come in asap for monitoring and to check it was definately waters - come on I may have a big bladder but it's not that bloody big!!

Monitoring was fine and kept contracting several times in 10 minutes but about 1 out of having enough to stay in so went home again.

Got absolutely no sleep as they had now gone slower to every 8-10 minutes but a lot stronger. By lunchtime I was in a warm bath with hubby sat with stopwatches etc on loo next to me timing everything. Around midday they had become 3-4 minutes apart so Labour Ward wanted us back in. They knew we wanted Birth Centre but when we got there they were down on staff so couldn't take us.

Did lots of monitoring on Labour Ward but after internal examinations found I wasn't dialating so I was put on a ward overnight to relax and progress. I still had no pain relief so relaxing was not an option! It was getting to the time that Carl was going to be chucked out when he started chasing up midwifes as I was in so much pain and one came to do another internal to see if I was allowed any. This is when we got a surprised "Oh! You are 4cm!" I had been writhing around in pain for hours yet the girl opposite me got G&A and wasn't even 2cm  

So back to the Birth Centre we went (this was about 10pm by now and more staff had come on night shift) and I got to sit in a birthing pool to help control them. It was heaven as I could barely feel the contractions with the warmth and G&A.

Unfortunately though the warmth and the fact I was passed pillar to post without being given any water etc meant I was a little dehydrated and both mine and Chloe's heartrates were a little fast.

So back to Labour Ward we went (was a bit like musical chairs my labour)

The contractions were full on by this point and was checked when I got there but only 5cm this time. It stayed the same the next check as well.

The G&A refused to work without the birthing pool so after a few hours trying to fight the pain I gave in to Pethadine, but this also refused to work on me as I sat writhing for ages trying to feel it's effect and couldn't. At this point I then had to have 2 bags of fluids, 3 different bags of antibiotics and something to speed up contractions in back of hand (all at same time - so much for no drips  )

Then I was asked if I wanted an Epidural - YES!!!

When that kicked in it was lovely, hubby said "you're back!" but again my body refused it and after 40 minutes or so pain free it was back. It was topped up with another, which again vanished after a while (at this point I was now 9cm).

Couple more top-up's later which never bothered kicking in they were starting to look a bit worried as I was in so much pain and they couldn't relieve it. Another internal .... 10cm!! Finally! By this point it was early afternoon on the 2nd April.

I had to be guided through pushing as everything below where you feel the contractions was still numb. A good hour and half later I still couldn't get Chloe's head into view for them. All throughout hubby was down there talking me through it and waiting anxiously for signs of a head.

At this point we hadn't noticed but there were now 5 midwives - no idea when they all came in!  and one doctor - all discussing what to do next.

Section was mentioned but my midwife said she could see things were moving when I was pushing as it was expanding - just the head might need help.

Queue the ventouse - it was working, but just as head almost came half out I'd torn and it flew off babies head and SPLAT the back wall looked like something out of Saw

Shocked the doctor but of course now they needed her out to get me stitched asap so it had to be forceps, couple of minutes of her fighting to get round Chloe's head and she was out in a couple more pushes.

Carl was stood over Chloe completely fixated while I lay puffing on G&A to keep calm while they stitched me up (anything she could have torn - she did! Just managed not to tear right through to bum luckily)

An hour later she was instantly breastfeeding with no problem for an hour.

Got up to the wards after midwife came to help clean me up and stayed in just over 24 hours so they could monitor us after epidural and because of the antibodies in my blood.

Now having to bottle feed though, after 2 days she had completely drained me and was starving so had to give in (she was feeding really often for an hour and a half each time - no wonder my poor boobs couldn't cope!  ). She's happy that way though, almost finishes bottle everytime and loves being able to have little bottles of cooled boiled water as well.
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Oh my!  That was quite an adventure.  All is well that ends well.  You have a beautiful baby
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What an amazing birth story! Congrats on your little princess. She's beautiful!
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