Are jerky, jolty, and seizure like fetal movements normal?
by mature_enough, Jun 10, 2009
This is my first pregnancy. I am over 31 weeks. About 2 weeks ago my husband and I started noticing that our unborn baby moves in shaky movements, kind of like a seizure or maybe like she’s having a giant muscle spasm. We were slightly worried about how abnormal it feels, and we’ve asked one another, “What on Earth could she be doing?”  It feels like a jackhammer going off inside of me! Does that sound normal? It is super fast! The movements mimic exactly what a muscle spasm would feel like in an area of the body, only I believe her whole body mimics this motion. I have heard of hiccups and kicks, but this seems much more intense. The speed of the jolting, like I said before, is just like a muscle spasm & feels as if a jackhammer went off inside of me.  
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by kaprovea, Jun 11, 2009
I am having the same type of movements.  I think that it is completely normal.  You may be feeling her move her body around bc there is getting to be less and less room in there for her to move.
by Diabolicafemmia, Jun 11, 2009
mine gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME! I used to think it was funny....
by rdh1981, Jun 11, 2009
Those are my favorite moves from my little man!! It seems like all of sudden he is going crazy and parts of my stomach being to bulge out!!!!!! Relax girl, its all good!!!!!
by JAXX55, Jun 11, 2009
yep, i get em too! phewww, I have to admit they concerned me as well but it sounds like its totally normal... what a relief!
by NicMom, Jun 11, 2009
That's so crazy I jut noticed this same thing last night and was going to google it today. I'm glad to hear you guys are going through the same thing. I thought the baby was having a seizure. Whew thanks for posting this.
by colorado_g, Jun 11, 2009
yes i had that to felt like my belly shacked :) glad to hear its normal:)
by mature_enough, Jun 13, 2009
Woooo Hoooo! I love you ladies! I feel so much better. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it's all normal. :) (dancing in my chair)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
by ashlerain, Dec 25, 2012
omg im so glad there is this many other women who are experiencing this... i too have been wondering the same thing.. i am 27 weeks along and having a baby boy and i was comparing the movements to seizure type as well lol i was like omg is my baby having seizures?! so glad to here that there are this many ppl that are experiencing it an that it seems to be a normal thing... whew
by charley_28, Jan 31, 2013
hi....this is my first pregnancy  (31 weeks)and i am also experiencing the same "spastic, seizure-like fetal movements" like it last for about 3-7 seconds nonstop and  i was super worried at first and so paranoid thinking that there's something wrong with my baby. but after reading your posts i'm a little relieved that i was not alone.. pls post again when you already delivered your child.. it will be much of relief if i know that your babies are fine :)