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(MORNING SICKNESS HAS SEEMED TO DIMINISH)did anyone start to feel bette...
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(MORNING SICKNESS HAS SEEMED TO DIMINISH)did anyone start to feel better at only 8 weeks?

Has anyne noticed their morning or all day sickness has seem to lighten up after 8 weeks?? i was pretty much sick for most of the day.. had no energy.. took all i had to shower and when i ate i fet worse. smells got to me visuals even made me want to throw up... i felt lie i had a flu at all times.. now i still am real tired but i am no where near as sick as what i was... i guess im worried bc it flipped like a switch... with my boys i was sick until i delievered. not real sick just bloating heart burn indigestion.. occational throwing up when i ate too much at once... this preg i am just qweezy and weak and nausus but it seemed to have went almost away.. i have no bleeding no cramping... my boobs hurt and i still dont feel myself but i just cant get over how the sickness dissapeared.. i started taking my prenatals at bedtime.. i know this has helped but my gosh irs just weird how things have changed.. i had a healthy ultrasound on 7 weeks 3 days.. at 8 weeks i noticed i feel better... can anyone relate???
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Hi Melissa,
I started to feel better around 8.5 weeks.  I still have the occasional gag here and there, but nothing like it was. I only feel it now if I have an empty stomach.  Before 8.5 weeks I was really dizzy and pukey non stop.  I am 10 weeks today, still really tired, boobs hardly hurt now, and instead of nausea I am starving.  I also have been getting headaches.  
My doc told me HCG gets at it's highest somewhere between 8-10 weeks.  After that, they decrease a little, level off, and placenta starts to take over hormone production.  That is why by the end of the 3rd month you should feel great.  
Try not to worry... I know I should take my own advice HAHA but chances are that things are just fine.  
I have a 10 week ultrasound tomorrow.  I keep telling myself that everything is going to be great and just because I feel better doesn't mean anything.  I will let you know how it goes.  

I am 9 weeks 3 days today and my nausea has gotten better every day from around 8.5weeks. I still get nauseated if I get too hungry and at nighttime I feel worse.

it is different than my first pregnancy where I only started to feel better at around 12 weeks. maybe it is a girl this time. :)))

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