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Saturday feb 12th in the afternoon my 5 month old daughter feel out of her hairchair while my husband was taking her out. It is about 2.5 feet from the ground and we have hard tile on our floor.

She cried for ten minutes and I calmed her down. She ate her dinner after she was calm and took a 20 min nap ( her normal nap)
I called the triage nurse and explained everything and she said to keep an eye out for her pupils, not eating, vomiting and tiredness.

At night my daughter played and ate 7 oz before bed. I stirred her every two hours to make sure she was breathing.
She woke up at 440 am and at her bottle at 5. She has been playing smiling and eating normal.

what worries me is there is no Black and blue and only a slight bump.

I am so afraid of a brain bleed.

Nurse said she should be fine if she show no symptoms. I called the nurse Sunday as well and she said the saem things. Monday i called to make appointment with my doctors for today.

I am a worried wreck and feel like the world worst parent.

I took her to see the pediatric doctor tuesday the 15, who said she looks and seems fine. Good tone, softspot felt good pupil good and ears good. He said that if she starts showing any symptoms to take her to urgent care.

how long would it take for symptoms to show internal brain bleeding?

but i am still worried,
Any suggestions or advice

To top it off I had a nightmare she had a brain bleed lastnight
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well im not an expert or anything but from what Iv read n heard that if she doesnt show any symptoms within 48 hours shes fine. but i can understand ur worries and the same thing wuda happened to me if i were in ur shoe..take it easy and dont worry kids fall all the time :)
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