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How are you planning on giving birth
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How are you planning on giving birth

Wondering how is everyone planning on giving birth? Normal, normal with pain relief or c-section and is this your first time giving birth?
I would like to have an epidural. My doctor said its best not to have it too early so i can move around and help the baby come down, but also not too late so that the epidural can ease of a little by the time i have to push so that i can feel the contractions.
What do you think, best to feel the contractions when pushing or nothing at all? I hope i can go without gas or any other pain relief cause i still want to be able to think straight, lol.
I’m not really stressed out about the birth, i believe everything will be fine, but i think its best to get enough knowledge to know what to expect.
Not long to go now...
normal with pain relief
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This is my first baby and I am planning on going all natural with no pain meds. I have read just about everything I can get my hands on , and have read about as many different techniques as I can find...I feel the more you know the better you can deal with what is happening and allow your body to do what it was made to do
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I don't know how to vote so.....
Hoping for a c-section as of my recent hip surgery I can't keep my legs open wide for long.
If not then I am wanting pain relief.
Good luck ladies!!
No matter how u have your baby you get the same result.
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i am going to go all natural. this is my first, and i look at it like this women have been having babies for thousands of years, and have only had medicine practices around for a few hundred years. i feel our bodies know what to do and when to do it.
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This is my first and I'm all about the epidural! I'm a raging witch when I'm in pain! (have a history of kidney stones and have been told that pain is 10 time worse and I was a total mess) I would like my doctor to stick around to deliver the! I give mad props to the women that give all natural with no pain relief!
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I  gave birth at 3:11am. I went all natural no pain meds. I had my husband as a wonderful coach,my mom ,his mom and a friend an amazing nurse.
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Congrats mrsh with your baby being born and for going all natural!
Its great to see so many of you are planning natural births. Let us know when your babies are born and how it went.
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I'm a ftm and planning on going all natural, with the option of gas and air if I need it, but I'm really hoping I do not!! But only time will tell. Either way I'm adamant I'm not having an epi, and obviously I can't control if I'd need am emergency c-section but I'm hoping not!! Good luck!!
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