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Wednesday Weeklies (: 10/6
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Wednesday Weeklies (: 10/6

Can't believe another week has gone by! Time for me has been flying by.

29 weeks & 5 days (: my walking has began to look more of a penguin's waddle! Sleep time is officially overrated since I can never find a comfortable side to sleep at and not to mention Alexander is awake ALL night and sleeps during the day! I get like 3 or 4 kicks during the day like saying "I'm here mom . . I'm ok" but during the night I feel movement all night long!

Made my first visit to L&D last week tuesday since I was sick with the flu & dehydration, thank God nothing to the extreme and they let me go that same night.

We have an ultrasound next week and have officially started are every 2 week appointments and after 32 weeks it will be every 4 days until delivery since they are going to do NST until I have my baby! Which definitely will put my mind at ease.

Have been feeling pretty lazy lately like to the point where I don't want to do nothing and it makes me mad. I get so irritated! Also major heartburn has started to kick in :/ and I'm starting to pray that December comes quick!

Other than that pregnancy is wonderful. Getting our stroller and diaper bag next month and we are ready with everything else. December 10th 2010 is my scheduled c-section day so according to that day that means we have 10 weeks to go! (:

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I will be 31 weeks tomorrow and this past week I have been getting a lot of Braxton Hicks.  I think I have been getting them for a while but this week I can really feel the's a strange feeling.  I have been super tired and going to be at 9:15ish everynight again and I'm having issues getting up off the couch or out of bed now, this belly is just so big, lol!!  I have also noticed that I get extremely short of breath if I lay on my back too long now, which I used to be able to do for a little while, while I watched T.V. in bed to relax before going to sleep.  I have also noticed that laying on my side is getting super hard unless I tuck a pillow or a blanket under my belly for support.  DH says my belly is getting torpedo like, lol!!

I have my first small babyshower tomorrow evening.  DH's work is throwing a small one for us and that should be super fun!!  I'm really excited for that!  I think my work is doing one on the 21st of this month after our department meeting/lunch.  The big family/friend shower is the 24th.  I can't believe I'm at this point and I'm super excited!!  9 weeks and 1 day left, if she comes on the due date but hopefully she will be here a little bit sooner than that!!
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ivy_kween88 and angelbaby1 - DITTO to everything you guys said lol!!

31 weeks 5 days, haven't experienced any braxton hicks yet, but hoping that they might come soon so I know what they feel like and don't confuse them with labor! My shower is coming up on the 23rd so just two more weeks to go until that! Can't believe that I only have to months left to go, but like a few others I hope she'll come a little early and I'll have a late November baby instead of a December baby but I hear first time babies rarely come two weeks early. Well, that's all I got!
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Hello Ladies- 28 weeks here (yes I'm one of last to deliver in December -29th).  Saw my OB yesterday- everything looks good and I passed my GD test and I am not anemic!  Yipee.  However she still has concerns that my cervix will rupture and cause early delivery therefore we agreed that I woudl stay home in bed rest starting this coming Monday and continue working from there.  She wanted full rest- no way, I like money too much.  In four weeks she will re-evaulate my condition. I think I might go on maternity leave on 11/12- but we shall see what the OB wants.  Still 4 weeks visit until week 32 then every 2 weeks.  I still see the Peri every other week and will continue till I deliver.

No new complains- all the same, back aches, uncomfortable sleeping, heartburn.  The joys of pregnancy.

The nursery is complete-pic on my profile.  Need to wash baby clothes.  Also need to pack hospital bag.  

Life is good -but our weather has been crazy. I live in So Cal and last week we had temp in the 100's this week is has been raining all week.
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29 weeks 3 days. Just seen my new obgyn yesterday. She said all looked good and we are looking at week 36-37 which is roughly 7 weeks from now. My David is measuring at just about 3 lbs and Reina is right behind him. I have just about finished the nursery and will be putting up pix soon (seen wannabmamma's and oh SOO cute!!!) My showers are coming up soon as well. I also live in So Cal and am enjoying the rain. Currently on maternity leave so just resting and preparing. Sleeping better thanks to Pepcid AC which has just about killed the heartburn:)
1278093 tn?1294323984
28 weeks 4 days here.
aside from all the above issues (sleeping, frequent peeing, heart burn and braxton hicks and waddling....) i'm doing well.
i passed my 1 hr GD test.
we are having a 4D ultrasound on saturday and are very excited to see her again :)
nursery is mostly done-just need to order the cosleeper to attach to our bed.
we just converted our bedroom to a bedroom and nursery, so not much decorating.  
discovered papaya extract tablets which really help with my heartburn.
still making it to the gym 3 days a week and working with my trainer so i feel pretty fit despite the big belly....
still managed to gain 21 lbs so far....can't imagine how much i would have gained if i hadn't worked out this entire pregnancy....
starting to get ansy about meeting this little girl who kicks the crap out of me on a regular basis :)
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Hey Girls... All of the above sounds somewhat familure- but then again I am due 12/30 so I am a bit behind. I have always slept with a pillow at the knees, no issues with the belly. I am growing, but not so much gaining weight.

Finally 28 weeks today, 3rd trimester!! I had my 1st of the 2 week appointments and all went well.. gained another 2lbs since the last appointment so all together -5 lbs, but the midwife said I was right on track. No sugar/protein in urine, BP 110/68 & baby's heart rate was 148. She again moved all over the place to keep from getting checked. LOL

Discussed my birth plan/anesthesia options and more about the VBAC. I cant wait till delivery date- I hope I go in to labor naturally and everything is just fine!!

I still haven't got her crib/play pen, but getting more of my new home unpacked from boxes and stuff where it should go. I cant wait till I have more of the nursery done. Even though she will be in our room for a while and then share with her big sister. Sydney (big sis) has never really had a girlie room.. so hopefully we can make that happen!

Baby shower to come on 10/23 and another to follow on 11/13. Cant wait!!
392430 tn?1382908381
32w3d here and heartburn city! Lots of leg cramps at night...which makes hobbling to the bathroom to pee quite an adventure. Sleeping is very uncomfortable and some nights I just want to give up even trying to sleep. I alternate between being starving and not wanting anything to eat ever, so I know that I have not been eating right...

Having a horrible time emotionally this time around. I think it is because this time I chase a toddler about all day when last time I got to nap and rest when I needed it. I am struggling through school but hopefully I will make it through ok.

My husband is away for 3 days for work and I may just lose my mind without him. O_o He was my break at the end of the day, when he got home I got to have 5 minutes to myself. But for the next 3 days I am the only parent 24/7...*gulp*
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I missed it yesterday, so here's a Thursday update.

31 weeks today. Not much going on the past week. Pubic bone is still hurting. My next appointment is on Tuesday, and I'm excited! We're gonna have another u/s at some point because she was breech at the last one. I can't tell one way or another if she's head down or breech still...Getting more tired, but that's about it.

I'm not having a baby shower, I would have liked to just because I would have been around family and friends. BUT the fact that I now live 11+ hours away, it wasn't really possible. I still don't really know anyone here at Ft. Bragg, so no baby shower. My mom said something about having a shower sent to me, lol. I think some of my family is getting things for me and sending it.
796867 tn?1255210407
Thursday update here too :)

I'll be 30 weeks this weekend, and I'm so excited for December. Heartburn is my biggest issue so far, my belly isn't huge yet so I don't really have trouble sleeping. Had an annoying cold for about a week but that's going away finally.

I'm worried I haven't been gaining enough weight though. I've gained 15 lbs so far but hardly any gain in the last 4 weeks and I think I'm supposed to gain ~ a pound a week. Had an U/S last week and our baby girl is measuring fine, so I'm not sure what's going on. I eat when I'm hungry but I guess I should eat more :) My uterus is pushing on my stomach and I get full really quickly so I've been eating a lot of smaller meals throughout the day.
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