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Am I still a person or just a mum? (Is a little romance too much to as...
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Am I still a person or just a mum? (Is a little romance too much to ask for?)

About a week ago I realised that my best friend had turned into my workmate. And that we only seemed to get any time together 'on the job'. I missed him, his attention, his insight, his humour and the way I used to feel special around him.

Not that much has changed. Only his job, starting our married life, moving house and adding another baby to our family (now 3 kids). Essentially, not the amount of time we have together. We still see each other every day. Just how we are spending that time.

We used to share our interests. Go out together. See friends or invite them over. Sleep in and cuddle in bed while talking about the previous night out and how much fun we had, how good the music was, and about the interesting people we had met.

I decided that some change was definitely in order. Time to schedule time for us. Plan to take the family out for dinner. Plan something romantic to look forward to for our next anniversary (the newborn baby trumped the last one). And DO something other than just flop exhausted onto the couch at the end of the day to watch an hour of telly and then crawl into bed!

Of course, we are have mixed sucess at the moment. But already things feel more like they used to. Even just hearing about sonething that he has thought of that we could do together makes me feel more loved and valued.

Surely we can't be the only ones trying to hang onto our identities and still be parents..

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
Stories they can share of their own experiences?
Or are you just stuck in this situation and don't know how to fix it?...
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Ditto on this situation!! I am there too...It will probably get worse for me since my next daughter is due in February!
well now that sounds alot like my situation there new house new married life three kids and   working full time / Me and and the Dh  dont get any time  to ourselves anymore and  sometimes i think that is  what fuels are fight we just donthave time to  talk anymore. not  so much  because of the kids but  i think it  is more  me having ot work opposite shifts of him doesn t help.  
  on our  frist wedding anniversary we did nothing this  year we  went to  see a movie that he  wanted to see not me  but  hey  that was becase all threee of the  kids were sick  but hey that is how it  goes
sometimes i  sit and wonder how we managed to  get so  far  from where we  were when  we started.    BUt again life  changes all the time hopefully we well be able get back to  there with time
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