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First Giggles! - Milestone update, let's brag!
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First Giggles! - Milestone update, let's brag!

Happy Mother's Day!  Mikayla has started laughing and it is so cute!! She is also smiling on her own (without us trying to get her to smile).  She is now drinking 6oz and has about 5-6 bottles a day.  She goes to bed around 930-1030 and wakes up anywhere from 630-900 (its like she knows when I work and when I'm off, weird).  Mikayla is getting stronger and stronger everyday, she can sit up on her own for like 5 seconds and then becomes the leaning tower of pisa.  She is drooling like it's going out of style and her fist has become her favortie chew toy!  She is officially 3 months old today, can't believe it!  One thing that does aggrevate me sometimes, is the fact that so many people tell me how big she is for's not just that they say that, but their eyes get big whenever I say she 3 months.  Whatever, my baby is healthy, LOL.  I'm downloading some recent pictures (since I've been working haven't been able to) and I will upload a few hoepfull sometime this week.

Anyone else getting any more milestones???
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Myra is pulling herself up as well.  Just in the sitting stage =)  She rolled over 2 days ago and won't stop trying.  Its so cute to see them struggle like that with their little grunts while trying.  LOL  A couple weeks ago Myra started that giggling, but its mostly for the other kids when they talk to her.  I think she's starting to teeth since Saturday night.  She's just drooling SO much and just nibbles on her hand non-stop.  By the end of the 3rd month, all my other children had 2 teeth, so it's about the right time for Myra to start.   I've also noticed that she's pulling her knees inward like a crawling position.  My son was 4 months old when he was crawling ,so I think she's right there with him.  She might get it sooner because her head isn't as big as his was =)  

Myra's been sleeping like Mikayla is since she was 1 month old.  She'll be 3 months old this coming Saturday.  

Sounds like our babies are in the same area as of milestones!!  Good Job Momma =)
mckenna in 3 months old and starting to do pull her self up  if i hold her hands she will try to  get herself  sitting She has been  smiling and giggling for about two weeks now. She is love with her big sister the minute Shay walks in teh  door  from school if the baby is awake she smiling and wanting shay to come over and see her. She like yeah mom   u are here all day i want mu sister now lol
she is starting to  try to roll over  she gets stuck half way there and looks at me like are u going to help me lol
  But all in all she  is doing well  she was sleeping through the night  fro a while but now she has started waking up at about one am  wanting to eat.  and she eats every two hours during the day sometimes up to  6-7 oz at ashot almost time to  feed herlol
   well glad tohere a the other babies are  doing well also  well gotta run  the llil miss diva is calling
Michaela is 16 weeks (though calendar months is about 3 1/2).  She's a bright little thing interested in everything.  She loves to stand up supported and giggles and looks every which way when she does.  She can roll from front to back but not the other way yet.  She is always trying to sit up, though she can only manage a couple of seconds before toppling over - though that doesn't stop her trying.

Any new sound or sight has her rapt.  She loves it.  She babbles away all the time.  Still not good with her hands an doesn't reliably grab anything yet.  She can batt things away.

She's just discovered she can yell.  And yell she does, apparently just for the sake of it.  So cute.  She hardly cries and is a very cheerful baby.  She drools like a tap... that can't be turned off so now she's in bibs all the time.

I apparently didn't teeth until I was 9 months. Don't know about her Dad, but his other kids were apparently about 6 months.  So we'll see if she got his teeth or mine (his are like a horse's and very big.  Mine were buck and needed braces. hopefully somewhere inbetween.

She's still exclusively breastfed and my battle to increase milk supply seems to be being won.

;) She weighs about 14 1/2 lbs (6 1/2 kg) now and is long and thin. 4 mo check up Friday week so wll see where she is on the growth chart..
Logan is officially 3 months old today. He has been laughing and babbling for about 2 1/2 weeks now. He is a big drooler to and constantly chews his fist. He is a super happy baby and hardly ever cries. He is able to pull him self up with my assistance and is working on rolling over. He is very curious and constantly moving his head side to side. he can sit up for a few seconds on his own and then topples over

He was weighed yesterday and weighs 15.75 lbs. and 25 1/2 inches. Everyone says he is such a big baby but i think he is just a healthy rolly-polly baby. Will post a pic of him and his new cousin in a bit
Ryan rolled over from front to back at 5 weeks, last week he started rolling from back to front, so now he is rolling all over the place.  He is laughing now, which is so cute.  He still doesnt sleep thru the night and only takes 3 twenty minute naps a day, so not much of a sleeper.  He holds his head up really good sits with support and can stand with support, he is one strong little guy.  He will be 15 weeks on Friday, wow time is going so fast.
Caiden turned 3 months old on Mother's Day! He weighed 13.8 at his 2 month checkup so I'm sure he is over 15 pounds now! He is perfect and healthy! He's over 25" long and getting cuter and cuter each day!

He's been smiling since we brought him home from the hospital but we laughed out loud for the first time on May 7th. He used to have the "silent" laugh..mouth open and he'd smile for for the first time he laughed and we heard it! So he giggles now here and there...and he smiles so much!

He still whines a lot....fusses...I think he's easily bored! He doesn't like to entertain himself...likes us to sit down and play with him 24/7. But when he's happy he shines! He's eating 6 ounces....has 5-6 bottles a day. Has been sleeping from 10PM-5AM and naps a lot during the day. I think he's teething too (commented about this in my other post). He is kinda lazy...doesn't like to try to stand...or roll over but he has a great grip. He can pick things up and hold them...he loves it! He's so alert and nosy! Always wants to see everything he can. He's super smart too...he knows when your talking about him, its so funny!

His voice is changing too-wicked cute!
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