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Night Routines - again...
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Night Routines - again...

Okay, I know we talk about this alot, but I wanted to see where everyone is at with their bedtime routines.  What's working. what isn't, etc.

Cash slept through the night up until about a month ago.  We rock him to sleep and then lay him down.  Lately though as soon as we lay him down or an hour later he wakes up and cries.  At this point I would normally go in and pat him and he would go back to sleep.  That isn't working anymore.  The only way he will go back to sleep is to be rocked again.  I work outside of the home so halfway through the night he usually ends up in bed with DH and I.  He sleeps wonderfully in our bed - but I know it is just bc he is with us - but atleast I know he is capable of sleeping through the night.
We still have the same routine of bath, lotion, bottle, book and rocking.  No change there.
Just feeling like its never gonna get better and wondering how its going for you guys.
Also - we tried controlled crying and it didn't work.  It went on for four hours and I gave up.
We then tried the Ferber method (CIO) even though I am against it - again no success.  He cried until he made himself sick and then I fealt so guilty I held him all night.
What to do, what to do....
SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........
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I'm going to sound repetative so sorry. I find with Jeremy (although every baby is different) that letting him nap early in the day is quite helpful. Sometimes when babies are extremely over tired they have a hard time winding down and falling asleep. Jeremy has been sleeping through the nite since almost 3 mos old. As soon as I started him on cereal. Jeremy is now wanting Daddy to get him to sleep at night which is so cute. After I feed him his dinner or daddy Jeremy either has a bath or if not he gets into his pj's. We let him play alittle more and then we give him a bottle he has a blanky he uses to fall asleep w. The whole process is about 15 mis and it's anywhere from 7-830 p. The times vary some nights Jeremy is so exhausted he goes to bed early. I know it will be hard but try to break the habit of bringing him in your bed now or you will regret it in a yr or 2. You just have to pick a time and stick to it and eventually Cash will adjust. If you need to put him in his crib and let him fall asleep that is ok too. Try a nite light and does he have a musical toy in his crib I find Jeremy's helps him with napping. It can be hard I lucked out with my kids. Now my bff had a similiar issue like you and she just picked a shedule and stuck to it. Her kids eventually got used to it! Hang in there you are doing great! It is hard with no sleep. Just a fyi I don't let Jeremy cry more than 5 mins. At that point I feel he is trying to tell me something either it's gas or a wet diaper. Have you thought about the type of formula you are using for Cash? Jeremy has severe acid reflex and gets his formula through a prescripition from his dr. If not it would be almost 30 $ a can. Yikes. I would look into switching maybe it's not settling well......Good luck my friend! He will sleep he may just be going through a stage right now. That happens around this age.
Girl, you sound just like us.
James used to be a great sleeper until about a month ago. We work hard on gettin ghim on his routine and schedule and we achieved it, he learned to fall asleep on his own, take 3 naps daily goo to bed around 6:-7pm and will wake up 1-2x for feeds but back to sleep right away, everything was working out beautifully until about a month ago.
We still have the same routine, same everything, he just change for good, now like yo he keeps waking up every 1-2 hours, and only will go back to sleep rocked back. Like you if we put him in bed with us sometimes he sleeps great, sometimes not. so we stopped that unless he is sick like now he has croup again and he is been coughing up all night long or he is cryin ga lot.
I think babies go through different stages and sad to say I am just going to go with the flow, hopfully once he stopped teething, or feeling sick he might go back to his usual if not will see then.
My sisters has 3 children and she used t c sleep with all of them, and each one of them when they turn around 12 month ol dshe started putting them back on their own room and they are all doing great now.
So I guess is a matter of luck, I need my sanity and having James crying all night long does not work for us.  some nigths I rock him back and others when he cries or does not settle down well I put him in bed with us.
Like AP says check what works for you, we do havea night light, his formula is still the same, so no changes so I guess he and me must have to just wing it as it comes.
Good luck to us friend, and let's try to stay awake during the day.
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